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A Sweet Celtic Hedonistic Retreat; A Nurturing Healer and Muse with Wings

I am open minded, kind, and warm. You will feel like you’ve known me. Get ready to breathe and smile.

I have been told I am a muse. I often find that light and can turn it towards its true north.

I believe in balance. Our lives are so rushed. With the recent pandemic, we have stepped back to analyze what is important to us, wanting to make changes. Sadly, I see so many clients not able to step back from the ever ramping up job once again. People are back in my office, seeking relief, seeking an escape from the hectic momentum.

Being of Irish decent, I have been drawn to celtic symbols. I use the Awen symbol often, representing balance in nature, balance between man and woman. It could be considered the equivalent of yin and yang, both prevalent in my daily life. I love finding that balance between a man and woman, that harmonious moment, when perhaps, you have escaped into another plane of existence, finding a shared bliss. I sincerely love meeting new people and getting to know my suitors deeply.

I am great company for any gathering; my careers have lead me many places, living several lives, conversation comes easy for me. I have a well balanced palate for arts, sciences, food, and music. I have thrived in the health industry, holding several degrees; my knowledge of the body runs deep as well as my study of human behaivor.

I am a true empath. A night in with conversation is as alluring as spending the evening out. I am quick witted, engaging, and told I am an old soul with bewitching beauty. Whether you are looking to relax into your weekend or take a break from your high stress life, I can meet you at your speed.

As a empathic healer, I am a feeler. I have been told by many clients and patients that I have the hands of a angel. Tooting my own horn, my digits are amazing at helping you unwind. I recognized in my youth that I had this natural ability. My lifetime experience has served to enhance my senses. All of this, I can share with you.

The Look

Ella Andersen is a 5'6", athletic caucasian woman with shoulder length brunette hair and brown eyes.

She is available for Male, Female, and Couples.


Hiking/Outdoor adventures

Finding new hidden treasures in the city/some are like new again since the Covid



Gardening/indoor plants



Catching up with Marvel series

Watching the ships roll in…


I cater to the gentleman, respect is a must. I am discreet with my clients as I expect them to be with me. Manners are sexy.

A minimum of one hour is required for my time. I am available Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. In advance planning is required for all dates. For preferred clients, I may be able to adjust my schedule with enough notice.

Please send me an email and I will forward you my screening requirements. Head shots will be provided with screening emails.

I look forward to entertaining you!

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