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I offer Social Distance Dating (Private Virtual Companion sessions) - inquire for details

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Redefining What it Means to Be a True Companion! Plus, special note to those concerned about Corona Virus…

Are you looking for someone very fun and entertaining and engaging, who can laugh along with you as well as be pretty witty herself? I am a very attractive, fun and fit lady who likes to be adventurous and enjoys the company of intelligent gentlemen. I am highly intuitive and very attuned to the energy of other’s, I can usually sense much about a person before we even meet. I will never rush you and can promise you the closest thing to that amazing experience and connection that you so wish for…my space is very well appointed in downtown Bellevue, very discreet and plush with all of the amenities you may wish for, wine, maybe a cocktail perhaps? A shower is available for you to use both before and after our session.

Check me out at: for more information!

***SPECIAL NOTE) I know we are all concerned about the Corona Virus right now. I am taking precautions myself and being very careful about how many people I see and I am not seeing people who have traveled to those countries that are highest risk. I ask that anyone not feeling well at all not try to see me right now. Also, according to the information we know right now about it, the virus does not live well and dies in high heat. I happen to have a Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna in my space, so I am offering my clients should they wish, to spend the last 10-15 minutes in my sauna for free during this time. In fact, both of us can spend that last few minutes together in the sauna if you wish so we can both benefit from it and feel a little safer! It may be even better to do it at the beginning of our session? Can give us time to chat and get to know each other a little bit too. Let me know when you contact me if you are interested in this option!

Here is some info I found and copied and paste regarding Infrared Sauna use and the virus: it looks like at the higher temperature of 149 degrees only one minute is needed, but I suggest we spend at least 10 mins if possible:

  • “Coronaviruses (MERS-CoV) died when under environmental cir***stances of 56 degrees Celsius (132 degrees F) for 25 minutes. Increasing the temperature to 65 degrees Celsius (149 degrees F) was even better and only one minute was needed to kill viruses.”
The Look

Vanessa Cruz is a 5'2", curvy, 36 year old latina woman with long brunette hair and brown eyes.

She is available for Male only.


Where do I start? I am a Seattle native so of course I love our state and all of the potential activities to enjoy it’s beauty! I like to hike, love boating, fishing, swimming and nature in general. I love to read a great mystery book, love to cook, dining out, movies, plays, music and theater. I also have a passion for photography and love to express myself through my own photo’s.


I do require two references from other established ladies you have seen before. I am not usually available for very short notice so please plan on contacting me 1-2 days before if this is our first visit so I have time to get you verified. Occasionally I will see someone without references, contact me to see what that entails.

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