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Oh Hello There!

Hopefully your curiosity is piqued by the strange and wonderful creature that is myself.
I am east coast educated- I mention this not because it is a line of demarcation of myself with others but because I truly think it shaped parts of my personality like a skillful hand with butter sculptures.

My time on the West Coast has chilled me out- making me almost a caricature- as I adore avocado toast, taking tinctures for anxiety, wear flannel and thrift store fur and use the term “no worries” multiple times a day.
The core of East Coast remains- making me crave salmon and lox at 4am (my kingdom for a bagel place in 500 miles of Seattle that isn’t terrible!) prizing direct communication, talking with bodega cats, and having very clear expectations of where to line up for the train.
I also think my sense of humor- quick and dry (much like your *personal* session to my photos!) is an East Coast hallmark.

As an triple Aquarian- who doesn’t always believe in that type of thing, as an INFJ who also doesn’t always believe in that type of thing- I am most often found with my nose in a book about micro loans while wearing jewelry found at Bangkok side streets. I will never say no to a long night playing Pathfinder, Farcry or having you read me Ringworld while I bathe in perfumed oils.

Folks talk a lot about their greatest things- but I would like to take a moment to mention a few of my flaws- since I believe an educated choice is the best one. I can be quite the stickler when it comes to my rules.

Some rules are rules for a reason- and some are rules because I have always done it tha

I also think it is important to note- I talk fast, a natural raconteur and am highly effervescent and enthusiastic.
This can take folks by surprise since I think a lot of times online communication can be “super serious” business- so it can be a tad disconcerting when a whole person is a ray of sunshine in a bodysuit.

I love touring since it combines two of my top interests-exploring and meeting new people. I have a habit of choosing places that are off the beaten path-and I find that I like local flavor. If my choice of accommodations does not work for you-lets work it out.

Wallingford Incall

* I do have a cat*

The Look

Clara Turing is a 5'1", curvy, 30 year old caucasian woman with shoulder length black hair and brown eyes.

She is available for Male, Female, Couples, Groups, and Non Binary.




I love science fiction of all , Arthur C Clarke all the way to Star Trek. I adore being a foodie and experience delciousness in all of its forms.

I have a penchant for hippie things like yoga, plants and hand made goods.


I am usually available daily 10am-10pm. Early mornings are doable if prebooked.

Please fill out my booking form for the quickest response.

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