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+You have stumbled onto something that goes beyond your wildest dreams…

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Tall, toned, tan, turned on & tuned in…The signs pointed you here, come see what that means as you begin to explore the depth of my realms & find yourself in the vastness of a reality yet discovered

I am unlike any woman you will ever meet. I can be a blessing and a curse, a total package deal that allows for indulgence in all your senses and exploration of your light as well as your shadow.I am the Moon to your Sun.

I am the Red Pill type but make no mistake I will chameleonize amongst the blue minded thinkers as needed.

I will be a key asset to you and yours whatever that means to you… this key offers the power of the Trinity at your fingertips: beauty, brains and whatsoever else you may be desiring.

So…whether you want to deepdive into the depths of a Quantum rabbit hole or take a climb up Jacobs Ladder, I invite you to explore my game with an open mind and together we will see what dreams may come.

…Now that I have your attention, welcome to my field where imaginations manifest into reality

The Look

Trinity Jacobs is a 5'7", athletic, 37 year old caucasian woman with long blonde hair and brown eyes.


Astrology, Numerology, Quantum physics, Poetry, Esoterica, Kundalini, Energy Frequncy and vibration.

Working out, spending time in nature, reading, research, being a nerd, animals and animal rescue, self-awareness, exploring consciousness.


I must be able to screen you beforehand with 2 to 3 verified references or 2 to 3 forms of linkable forms of verification/identification so that I can feel as safe and comfortable with you as you will with me.

I do not discuss our interactions with others nor will I engage in any such discussions over text or email, our time together is between us, not us and the airways.

Considerations must be upfront and I do not take credit cards unless agreed upon ahead of time after we know each other.

For optimal time engagement please be fully showered and ready when you arrive.

Scheduling is done in advance with at least 24hr notice so I can be my best for you therefore I am unable to take last-minute engagements.

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