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Serena Lang

+Bad liar, great kisser.

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I’m Serena, British establishment refugee, global expat with flair, and rebel with a cause. The cause, you ask? Never working in a windowless office again.

I’m Serena, British establishment refugee, global expat with flair, and rebel with a cause. The cause, you ask? Never working in a windowless office again.

See my secret diary: onlyfans.com/serenalang

A late bloomer, I was forced in my deeply awkward teenage years to develop both an amazing sense of humour and a scintillating personality in lieu of being a hot girl. Now at 30 I’m the total package: brains, beauty, personality, charm & wit.

A man I met on the beach in St Tropez once said I had “a body that could stop traffic”. With a petite frame at 5’4, firm natural curves, perky 34F breasts and a bottom you could bounce a quarter off (as you say in this delightful country), I am augmentation-free, Botox-free, and 100% free-range.

An Uber driver said that I had “one of those pin-up girl faces”. I have large blue-green eyes, long ash-blonde hair, and high Slavic cheekbones. My sweet & friendly expression and general nice-person countenance, which belies my extremely sharp & filthy mind, incites strangers to talk to me on planes.

Fun facts:

- I went to a v. expensive private girls’ boarding school which completely failed to make a proper young lady out of me

- I speak four languages to varying degrees of fluency and can order a glass of wine in seven

- I have a Master’s degree in a pretty esoteric subject

- I’m a bad liar but a fantastic kisser

I combine a British sophistication and polish with the openness and warmth of my adopted America. If you believe in Myers-Briggs (just astrology for boys? Controversial opinion I know), I’m an Enfj-T. I’m a born people-person and have a deep dislike of the mundane (this includes office jobs).

Even if you’re shy, I guarantee that within half an hour of meeting me any nervousness will completely dissipate and you’ll feel like we’re old friends.

The Look

Serena Lang is a 5'4" 32 year old caucasian woman with long blonde hair and blue eyes.

She is available for Male, Female, and Couples.


- The perfect dirty gin martini in a dimly lit NYC hotel bar
- Not quoting Anais Nin or Pablo Neruda on my website
- Cycling around European cities on a bike with a basket
- Dancing like everyone’s watching
- Karaoke in front of the largest audience possible
- Reading my horoscope but not taking it seriously (I’m a Leo, did you guess)?
- Making things with my hands (woodwork is my passion and no that is not a pun)


Please do read my website before contacting me. Most of your questions will be answered there.

Rates in Austin: serenalang.com/considerations-austin
Rates on Tour: serenalang.com/considerations-tour

Bespoke Sensual Kink Experiences: https://www.serenalang.com/bespoke

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