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Hello there, Curious Stranger.

Okay, so - perhaps I’m jumping to conclusions here, but you and I probably come from pretty different backgrounds and lead different kinds of lives. I have a feeling, however, that we share the same adventurous spirit and desire for authentic connection. Is that true? I hope so!

My story starts similarly to other NYC newcomers. I moved to the big city with stars in my eyes and a camera around my neck - & promptly dropped out of art school to actually pursue the arts rather than just talking theory. I’ve taken that approach to the rest of my life, too - & I consider the indulgence of hedonistic delights to be an art form.

One of my greatest pleasures is introducing people to new experiences. So where do you come in? Tell me something uncommon about yourself, let go, and we’ll craft an adventure to remember together.

Take my hand, & let me lead you down a path less traveled.

Ready to take the next step? Visit my website to learn more about me & to find how to contact me.

‘til we meet,


The Look

Robin Ardeur is a 5'4", slender, 26 year old caucasian woman with shoulder length brunette hair and green eyes.

She is available for Male, Female, Couples, and Trans.

  • travel - I’ve visited places all over the world, from major cities like Bangkok, Sydney and Mexico City to teeny jungle villages and quaint seaside towns. Aside from living in NYC, I currently spend about a week out of the month in New Mexico. I’ve also taken the train all around the US - one of the best trips of my life!
  • reading - I usually have something nonfiction & fiction going at the same time. Sci fi is my favorite genre!
  • food - I’ve got a smoker in my backyard and love making slow-smoked BBQ cuisine for friends. Ribs, brisket, pulled pork: you name it, I make it & have a homemade sauce to go with! I’m brushing up on my vegetarian and vegan dishes, as well. Ask about PFE bookings (Private cheF Experience, heh - I’ll book us a gorgeous incall with a well stocked kitchen, and prepare us a feast fit for gods!
  • plants - I have a growing collection of exotic houseplants. If you’re looking for a gift idea, live plants always make a good impression! I’m a particular fan of cacti and succulents, and have a few carnivorous plants as well
  • music - everything from jazz (Dave Brubeck is a fave) to ambient, breakbeat, indie hip hop & rap.
  • performances & gallery shows - burlesque, performanced art, immersive theater like Then She Fell and Sleep No more… kink-flavored performances - anything goes! If you’re looking for ideas on how to spend an extended session, I bet I can find us an amazing show to attend or an off-the-beaten-track museum to check out.
  • permaculture and sustainable living - I’m saving to buy property somewhere to start a homestead! For now, I’ve got my humble little backyard garden in Queens :)
  • I quit drinking alcohol last year and have been wanting to delve into the world of tea to replace the ancient ritual & flavor exploration of wine and beer tastings - another great date or gift idea.
  • photography - I’m a commercial boudoir photographer, and have been doing abstract landscape & astrophotography for fun on the side during my monthly trips to New Mexico! I even time my trips with the new moon so the blanket of stars & the milky way covering the sky shines as bright as can be.

I go into more detail about my expectations on my website - it’s best just to go there to learn more.

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