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Fauna Rosehill

+Artistic Enchantment

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Eccentric Enchantress

Hello there New York City!

My Name is Fauna Rosehill.

Maybe your a little curious to go deeper and experience something exhilarating, mystical, intelligent, provocative and above all fun and stress relieving? Well then, look no further! Nymphish, Impish, and definitely mischievous, embracing the passionate wildness of life and living freely in a iambic way as a protest to the monotony of modern life seems to be my calling. I am a student at one of the most presigious fine art programs in the world here but in my down time between studying and creating- I want to have a unforgettable time with you.

My appearance: I am your faerie fatale- with the otherworldly, waifish and exaggerated looks of a fashion model completed by surprising curves, large sparkling blue eyes, a delicate frame and natural blond hair- yes its true, I am like a character from your favorite magical realist novel come to life that you get to have your way with.

It is true: i have the irresistable compulsion to create
You will see i am just as comfortable at an upscale restaurant (or shopping for designer clothes-I love Anna Sui, Betsy Johnson as well as designer vintage) as a bar in my Brookly neighborhood. This capacity to traverse worlds enriches my life and those around me and is one of my favorite things about my life, drawing such deep inspiration from everyone i encounter.

I am fallowing my dreams which fufills my soul which makes me a generally pretty happy person, and I see our time together as directly helping me do that! I see my clients and they often see themselves as my patrons. It is a great pleasure to make someone else happy and I can’t wait for our symbiotixc exchange.

I look forward to meeting you!

Fauna Rosehill

The Look

Fauna Rosehill is a 5'6", slender, 24 year old caucasian woman with medium length blonde hair and blue eyes.

She is available for Male, Female, Couples, and Trans.


School learning and the art world. Surrealist Literature, Russian Poetry, Critical Theory, Extravigant Baths, Nordic Foods, Avant Garde Theater and Performance Art, Buisness, Installation Art, Healing and Esoteric Arts like elemental witchcraft, herbalism, and trauma informed Nuerobiology, weird animations I have never seen before (or really any old cartoons), noise and undergound music in general, Leftist News, liberation based ways of life, traveling to nature, being cozy in my home in lingerie with a pot of medicinal tea and deeply immersed in one of the aformentioned interests and conversely- being in new situations that open my heart and mind to the possibilities of human experience. Taking you on wild adventures into the wild unknown and in return being suprised with a boquette of lilacs or lavender flowers, a bottle of wine and a tucked away corner or experience of the world.


Please! Check my rates on my website!

They are non negotiable and you will be blocked if you try!

I expect you to totally fall in love with me…just kidding

standard screening protocol is a must

2 forms of verifcation in the form of a photo-ID, link to Linked In or information from 2 past providers.

Cleanliness, a positive attitude, manners.

Generosity and respect for my time and energy.

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