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Most know me as Miss Bee. Im a sharp witted, intelligent, beautifully all natural and deeply passionate Colorado native… I always show respect and expect the same in return tenfold…

Hello to any and all of the fine gentleman visiting my page! I appreciate and blush from your interest to learn a bit about me, Miss Bee! I encourage you to enjoy the photos ive chosen of myself. I felt these best captured the essence of my sensual feminine aura and all the energy that supports it… Scroll through them slowly and then once more, allowing your mind to properly retain all that I offer. Once im in your head, you’ll never want me to leave. Let your mind run wild and start to write out our tale, let it vividly play out over and over again in all its glory… Then when you have it exactly how you’d want it, reach out to me and together we will bring our tale to life! Scene by scene, you play the director. When you yell action, together we immerse in satisfaction. Can you see it, can you feel it? I can and it’s simply perfect! How exciting it could be, to write your story and then act it out with me, Miss Bee. xo

The Look

Bee is a 5'8", bbw, 32 year old caucasian woman with shoulder length brunette hair and brown eyes.

She is available for Male only.

  • Please text only
  • 24 hours notice, I try to be flexible
  • Arrive clean freshly showered and smelling good.
  • If you do need to cancel please do so asap
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