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Thick thighs, & sparkling eyes! I am frequently found luxuriating in a Jacuzzi tub when I have a bit of time to myself. Life is about the tiny luxuries. Come share in them and make our lives brighter.

The Look

Evaline Desire is a 5'9", bbw caucasian woman in her early 40's with shoulder length blonde hair and hazel eyes.

She is available for Male, Female, Couples, and Trans.


Things I enjoy doing on my own:

I am an avid reader when life affords me the time to pursue it. It has been a huge part of who I am my entire life… I truly have a love of words.

Shared Activities:

I love dancing, wandering along a beach hand in hand, strolling through a park eating ice cream together. Basically I am a romantic. I have a less wholesome side (or so they tell me), but first impressions of me will likely have you thinking sweet, romantic thoughts. Until you see the glimmer in my eyes which tells you there is far more to my appetities in life.

Travel and seeing the world:

I absolutely love to travel and often make sure the opprotunity finds its way into my life. I would love to share those travel experiences with a friend… New or old. Do reach out should this inspire you.

I currently have a fantastic adventure planned. I will be exploring the eastern seaboard starting in January.


Due to popular request:

Typically our featured selection is a succulent serving of sweetness with a side of spicy zest.

Deciding on the number of courses is always left to your discretion.

Please understand this is fine dining establishment, and not a fast food restaurant. Casual attire is acceptable, and this particular establishment caters to all adults.

Profanity is not acceptable when making a reservation.

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