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+Probably not the best, but definitely not the worst.

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I only offer social virtual sessions where we can get to know each other over a scotch (or your drink of choice). Beyond playful banter and tasteful innuendos, this is as lewd as I am able to be over video call, as virtual eroticism is outside of my qualifications and comfort zone.

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Painfully average and unexceptional companion who enjoys peaty scotch and rambunctious men.

In a city overflowing with luxury girlfriends and elite filles de joie, I am humbled to welcome you to my totally normal, ordinary, common, unexceptional (yet tolerable, or so I hope) style of companionship.

I have a degree in psychology and physiology, and currently work a day job in research. I have very average, run-of-the-mill hobbies like cycling by the lake, running, rock climbing, reading (usually existentialist or surrealist fiction and science or tech nonfiction), puppy kissing, scotch drinking, and risk-taking if the risk is low to moderate.

I use companionship as a means to unwind and get to know a fun stranger at the end of the workday (and occasionally during the workday, when I’m tapped out of zoom meetings). In general, I am a gal looking for a good time. If you think we can combine forces and excel in mediocrity together, drop me a line.

The Look

Angie Harlowe is a 5'4", athletic, 26 year old caucasian woman with medium length brunette hair and brown eyes.

She is available for Male, Female, Couples, and Trans.


When I am not working, I try to spend as much time outdoors as possible. I cycle and/or run every day and like to eat and drink in parks with friends on the weekend. I love companionship because I really enjoy getting to know people, so expect chit chat over a glass of your liquor of choice.


Availability: I am generally available after 12pm on weekdays, and as a night owl (but more importantly as a person with a full-time job), I have a slight preference for entertaining after 6pm. However, with enough notice, I can accommodate most times of the day.

Screening: My preferred method of verification is to hear from two ladies that you have spent time with in the past. Alternatively, I’m happy to set up a 15 min video call so we can get a feel for each other.

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