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Just the girl next door

Hello there I’m Aspen and it’s a pleasure to have you visit my profile I am from Tulsa Oklahoma and I’m just your typical girl next door. I have long blonde hair and mesmerizing green eyes my lips are very kissable and my skin is soft like silk. Some of the things I really find joy in would have to be cooking especially for others it really brings me a lot of pleasure to see someone so satisfied! I also enjoy riding my bike by the river or around my neighborhood being outside is when I feel most in tune with myself I love the sunshine and nature. With that being said I also enjoy a night out on the town maybe try a new restaurant grab some drinks and then hit the dance floor and boogie the night away. I have no inhibition when it comes to being my most real self I feel like to be anything other than authentic is a disservice to myself and others so you never have to worry about me shying away from a good time. However I also have home training and know how to conduct myself with poise and class!

I would be delighted to be in your company wether it’s for a few short hours or a weekend trip what’s most important to me is your relaxation and restoration let me help you release all that tension and stress that’s been building. I want to cultivate a unique and everlasting experience between us you are special and deserve to be valued and to have a space where you feel safe enough to be your most vulnerable self! I am also here as a guide to help you deepen the connection you have with your body and mind, we can learn so much and contribute to one another’s eternal growth.

Some other miscellaneous things you might be interested to know are that I’m a Taurus, I have three dachshunds, I am very go with the flow I feel like my personality can adjust to whatever situation I am in. I love love love being spoiled acts of service and physical touch are my love language so I also love cuddles and genuine affection. My favorite color is pink and I love all things sparkly!

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AspenAdrews is a 5'4", curvy, 23 year old caucasian woman with long blonde hair and green eyes.

She is available for Male, Female, and Couples.

  1. i love my three dachshund puppies
  2. cooking for others
  3. being outside
  4. riding my bike
  5. crafting
  6. fine dining
  7. fine arts
  8. traveling

1. Have your screening information ready to go this is mandatory to meet the information required is as follows linkedin, company website and email, DL (everything but name and photo can be blurred) or you can submit your information to been verified lastly you can give two references for providers but they must have an active account and I must be able to contact them directly

* please contact me with your name, a greeting and the time and date you’d like to book thank you have a lovely day!

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