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Francesca Di Alexandris

+Your pleasure is mine, and mine is yours.

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Your Captor & Muse

I am Francesca, your tender American companion, goddess, rebellious accomplice, your diary, an open book. A body dipped in silky caramel that you can touch if you pay for it. A head of wild, coily hair with thick lips always ready to smile.

With me, you will meet an honest soul who will be no less shy and excited than you are at first. Who tends to lose control of her facial expression, sometimes forgets where she is and delights in eating with her fingers and have you clean them before I take my next bite.

My interests vacillate between degradation and elevation. Tantalizing and savoring. Objectification and admiration. Denial and rewards. Imaginative sadism and closeness. I very much enjoy using you for my own pleasure. But I can also take as good as I give, should you wish to turn the game around. Dominant humans with a sadistic touch will discover I can be a willing, submissive partner once we know and trust each other.

I am creative, joyful, sadistic, holistic, and invested in the potency of power and empathy and how consenting configurations of this can transform all kinds of encounters and interactions into memorable, euphoric, blissful, and thrilling experiences. I relish the depth and the absurdity of BDSM equally.

I am a sensory fetishist who delights in fine textiles, vegan leather, vintage lingerie, and luxury natural fragrances. I enjoy nuanced storytelling, performing arts, the perfect bite, thoughtful gifts, and traveling to seek out the hidden gems within our world. I have a background in arts and a lifelong predilection for the perverse, humorous, and intense.

Yes, you want my company.

The Look

Francesca Di Alexandris is a 5'7", curvy, 27 year old ebony woman with shoulder length auburn hair and brown eyes.

She is available for Male, Female, Couples, and Trans.


Start by booking a free 15-minute intro call https://calendly.com/francescadalexandris/francescasfreegift

Or simply email to plan a date:

Dear Francesca Di Alexandris,

I found you on Slixa and would love to meet on ____ date at ____ time for ____ hours. I would like ____ kind of session. I am happy to provide ID, active LinkedIn and/or social profile and deposit as I’m a new client. Thank you!


Thanks for keeping me safe!

*** Just note I do not offer A+ and BBS. Can’t wait to explore with you.

*** Clean hygiene is essential. To maximally delight in the company of one another, cleanliness is required and appreciated.

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