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Introducing Abigail Lexington your petite English girlfriend.

Hi, there!

I’m Abby, and I am not your typical English Elite Companion. Of course, you’re saying to yourself, “They all say that” but let me explain. I am very well-spoken and educated. I have a degree in computer science from a high-profile university, but I also love adventure and all things that involve adrenaline. I know you wouldn’t picture it from my photos, but I will be the first one to jump out of a plane or dive in the water to explore the world beneath us.

As your companion, I will make you feel at ease from the first time we lock eyes. Leaving the rest of the world behind us. Our time together can be anywhere between a spicy mid-day rendezvous, a dinner date at the hottest restaurant in London or your hometown, a business trip where you need someone to keep you company, or a Fly- Me- To You where we can explore the world together.

I know meeting someone new for the first time can be scary, but I would like to draw you a picture of how I think our first date would go. Are you ready? I’m getting ready for our date. Singing along to my favourite songs, putting on the dress you said you liked, as I zip it up I get chills thinking about how you will take this off me later. We met at the bar where we enjoy a cocktail, then we find our way to the restaurant where the conversation never stops flowing. You have been teasing me all night with your hungry for me eyes and your light hand gestures that make my heart skip a beat. When dinner is over, we head to your hotel. We find our way to the elevator where it is just you and me for the whole ride up. I’m teasing you while you try opening up the door. That’s when I… I leave you to draw your own conclusion on how the perfect date ended.

With all that in mind, I leave you with the hopes of us getting to play out the perfect date together. Until then, please enjoy my photo gallery and send me an email. Don’t forget to check out my website for even more naughty photos. I am looking forward to our perfect date.

A x

The Look

Abigail Lexington is a 5'2", slender, 28 year old caucasian woman with long blonde hair and blue eyes.

She is available for Male, Female, Couples, and Trans.


My perfect date? It’d have to start with some good food! We could settle down in our restaurant of choice, talking the night away as we exchanged a few teasing glances. Then you’d have to show me around your neck of the woods, giving away all of the local tidbits that make your city feel alive! Naturally, I think we’d both be struggling to hold back what we want, and our night would quickly steer back towards our place, though I will let the details of what happens next remain a mystery.


Screening & deposit required for all dates.

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