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I know that you believe that you understood what you think I said, though I am not sure you realize that what you heard is not what I meant!

The Look

Domina Irene Boss is an all natural caucasian woman with medium length auburn hair and hazel eyes.

She is available for Men, Women, Couples, and TV/TS.

New Images - December 2014

BDSM Bondage Top and Sublime Lady of Discipline. Discretion assured. Dominantly professional about your personalized encounter. Experience the refined control enthusiast!

Ms Boss is extremely controlling in scene with a sharp wit, a firm hand and a great sense of humor - always endeavoring to be way ahead of you: A Dominant Kinky Female perfectionist, seriously Discipline minded with a wink and a sly grin. Dominatrix with a smile at your service. Her satisfaction is your goal.

Play is consensual. Mark my word that you will get everything you negotiate in a complete role reversal and power exchange. Domination is about control. Play partners are mature, educated and articulate, much like Ms Boss. Expect a positive BDSM energy infusion!

Active in professional BDSM since 1994. The Pittsburgh Compound (Ms Boss’s home base) is an extremely well equipped indoor play space containing opulent theme rooms with custom built equipment to Her exacting specifications. There you will find dedicated play spaces, ambience, incense, mirrors, and great scene music.

The Pittsburgh Compound: 6 rooms stocked with state of the art gear!

As an Internationally acclaimed Domina and BDSM filmmaker, Ms Boss has traveled extensively to learn technique, safety and ideology. She has produced 200+ Fem Dom films. Her involvement in Fem Dom BDSM has included scenes at Her discretion, select custom videos, public appearances at various events and functions, a message board, and a membership website. Ms Boss is CPR certified, SSC observant, RACK aware and a professional BDSM practitioner since 1994.

Returning guests: Same day scheduling is occasionally available. Call (no text) between 10 am and noon with at least 3 hours advance notice from the time we speak for a scene to occur. (Be flexible however please).


Compound Scene interests include…
Bondage (erotic to punitive): Predicaments atop bondage furniture, device, metal, suspension, body bags, rope (hemp, jute, cotton and nylon), confinements (cage and / or cell), straight jackets, bondage mitts, hoods, blindfolds and gags (sensory deprivation), encasements, mummifications, and sensory overload.
Bondage with nipple play and/or CBT, electric CBT (tens, rimba, Eros tech, pleasure tech, medtronic, voice activated), Nova Pro, Venus 2000, and various *fun machines.
Discipline (simple to strict): Strict and sensuous corporal scenarios (bamboo, rattan, acrylic, carbonite, martinet or metal), bullwhipping (nylon and leather whips of 12, 18 and 24 plait), signal whipping - 18 plait, OTK hand spanking, hairbrush spanking, paddling, tawsing and strapping.
Sadism (sensual to severe): Nipple play, CBT, CP (Corporal) with paddles, slappers, lashes, single tail, bull whips, buggy whips, signal whips, crops, and canes, and custom bondage devices, chastity play, dt, deportment (slave training - postures, commands, and etiquette - also part of D/s).
Fetishism: You may be invited to wear fetish clothing (as a fetish bottom) like corsets or boots (cross dressing). There may be worship of gloves, boots and/or shoes worn by the Mistress. Forced female transformation may occur. Tickle torture may be imposed for tickling sceneries. Ms Boss may use infusions, sounds, examinations, water sports, inspections, and advanced electro play in medical scenes.
Ms Boss is particular and strives to create outstanding personalized BDSM encounters.


Please be aware:
Your request must be deemed sincere in order to receive a response.
An introductory email needs to contain the following:
Your first and last name
Your City, State and Country
Your age (you must be a legal adult)
A landline or cellular contact phone number where you may be discreetly reached (we will both decide when)
A few dates and times you are available to play
Your FemDom BDSM areas of interest and your limits
Scene-relevant medical issues and any medications
A description of your play style (no switches, kingsters, tops, doms, or masters need apply)
Your optimal scene length (Generally between 2 to 6 hours)

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