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Lana van Dam

+Secret Agent in the Streets & Femme Fatale

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Philadelphia’s Curvy Sweetheart

If you’re like me, you’re someone who’s sensibilities have maybe been called ‘old-fashioned’. Perhaps you enjoy your bourbon neat, your shoes well-polished, and your women built like Jane Mansfield. I know that I certainly prefer my men chivalrous, dapper, and more like Ron Burgundy or Maxwell Smart.

If you got the above reference (and even if you only kind-of got it), you’re a man I want to meet!

I’m Lana Van Dam, and I’ve been told by many that I’m an old soul. My preferences are about 50 years out of date, but that hasn’t stopped me from pursuing all things retro. I’m stylish without being overstated; while I’m a head-turner, I prefer to not raise suspicions. Intelligent yet grounded, I’m well-read sans the pretense and tend towards the cheeky and mischievous.

Why not sneak away with your Agent 99 and let the stress of day-to-day life fade away? Come relax, unwind, and get some well-deserved Van Dam treatment! Whether we’re meeting covertly for an afternoon retreat or headed out to explore your city’s finer points, there’s nothing that excites me more than a true gentleman treating me like the lady I am.

Whatever we do during our time together, you’re guaranteed to have your pants charmed off and leave wishing we had more time together.

Come be my Maxwell Smart, and I’ll take you on an adventure that only Agent 99 could imagine.

***If you do not receive a response within 24 hours check your spam folder!***

The Look

Lana van Dam is a 5'7", curvy, 35 year old caucasian woman with long red hair and green eyes.

She is available for Male only.


Art & design, retro culture, hiking, horseback riding, & going to the spa.

You’ll have to take me on a date to find out the rest…

xo Lana


To meet a wonderful gentleman and have a fantastic time together. Great Odin’s Raven!

To find out more about my expectations please see the Etiquette Section of my lovely website…

xx Lana

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