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Shae Ashbury

+Your witty dinner date, and much more

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New York City

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Glamorous goofball

Bland days that roll into each other can quickly turn into weeks that all mush together.

Before you know it, the year is nearly over and you can’t put your finger on a colorful, cherish-worthy highlight from the last 12 months. Such is the relentless grind of work and home-life stress.

Breaking the monotony takes something, or someone, special.

I can be your burst of color in an otherwise bland agenda.

Getting a tickle of a smile to appear on your lips within 10 minutes of us being together is a challenge I accept. Especially if you’ve had one of those really tough days. But be warned. Once I’ve won that smile, I’ll make it my mission to have us both laughing at our own private jokes before dinner is served. And by the end of our date your earlier woes will be… Well, not forgotten. But eased.

Our time together is your chance to breathe, unwind, and revel in what your everyday doesn’t afford you.

An easy connection that allows you to laugh freely is a wonderful bond to have. But my playfulness isn’t all I offer.

I’d describe myself as a well-rounded West Coaster. I’m thoughtful, down-to-earth, a bit of a goofball, ambitious (thanks Silicon Valley), and whip-smart. Lowkey, home cooking and sofa-time dates are just as special as the splashy nights out.

Above all else, I aim to be the complete and true ongoing companion you want. The woman you choose to hang out with during adventures near and far.

Even though I’m based in New York, my forays certainly aren’t bounded by Manhattan’s borders.

I’m passport ready and available for extended fly-me-to-you and travel dates. So where are we headed? Staying stateside or venturing to international shores? (Just so I know what to pack, you understand.)

So send me an invite, and let’s get planning our first date.


The Look

Shae Ashbury is a 5'4", slender, 35 year old caucasian woman with long blonde hair and green eyes.

She is available for Male, Female, and Couples.


Everything active: Yoga, weight training, cycling, hiking and sports

Domestic and international travel

Gardening: I’ve been blessed with a green thumb.

Healthy cooking, but my motto is “everything in moderation, including moderation” so I will never turn down pizza or a trip to a French restaurant.

Camping and outdoor exploration: being from the West, I love being in forested or rugged terrain.

Books: I’m usually reading several books at a time

Being goofy: I can’t help it


I am a proudly independent companion.

To schedule time with me, please complete the booking form on my website.

All new friends are subject to screening and verification to ensure my safety and our compatibility.

Yes, I offer duos!

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