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Don’t just dream it, allow your inner princess to escape, it will do you a world of good.

Goddess Madame 9 resides in the Jacksonville St Augustine area of Northeast Florida and visits NYC monthly or at least that had been the plan, until there was no plan.

  • NYC June 8-11

We are back to Normal and have resumed our Monthly training and coaching In NYC. There is a full calender on My site, as some of you know I am quite the planner, so please go to the site, do not make your first impression one of being an idiot who choses not to read. Yep I am back with much pent up energy.

I am a mature woman who is well educated and without drama in My life. I will only train and guide serious and respectful princesses, submissives, incompetent office boys, boys who like to dress, and misfits in general.

After you have read My website calling would be the fastest way to reach Madame 9… Texting is a NO NO, that means “do not text Madame”.

The Look

Madame 9 is a 5'6" mature caucasian woman with long hair and hazel eyes.

She is available for Male only.


I am really comfortable in the realm Fantasy Role Acting. I majored in Psych & minored in Drama in college about a 100 years ago. I have been Training for 20+ years, so I consider Myself proficient in the Art of Role Acting.

I adore lingerie, nylons, and pantyhose. I am totally into Sissy Acting & Cross Dressing, let’s make you the princess we know you are!

I have a solid core training in the discipline of BDSM ‘cos edgy intrigues Me and one should know what they are doing, even spanking very bad boys requires a trained hand and mind.
I welcome training and consulting with businessmen in pantyhose and garters, I get you.

I excel in the art of aromatherapy. I also have allowed my axilla to grow out, so very cool, I have no idea why we make women shave their axilla to be more feminine seems very controlling, legs I get but axilla?

I have a hella sense of humour, but no time for games. So please read My website prior to reaching out to Goddess it is chuck full of important “stuff”.


Gentlemen Please read My website, this is My advert not My site.
My extensive site is My effort not to waste each others time…I do not meet with everyone, sometimes people just do not mesh.

Screening is Mandatory. Initial First time public meetings are required.

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