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Isabella Nin

+Ivy-educated artist in the making indulging her summer wanderlust

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“Perhaps the only difference between me and other people was that I always demanded more from the sunset. More spectacular colors, when the sun hits the horizon.”

I’m Isabella, a classy, lithe, and playfully (willfully!) mischievous East Asian mademoiselle who’s marked by her pouring passion, unabashed whimsicalness, and a cat-like demeanor. Think feline grace (or shamelessness shall we say in a good way, promise!) and you’ll get a pretty accurate image of me.

It delights me much to become your next co-conspirator…

A dedicated dancer and a passionate student of literature, I chase after bodily challenges just as much as mental stimulants. Under my poised sophistication, you’ll find my well-concealed hedonistic proclivities the perfect dose of elegance and uninhibition. Expert in words and gifted with an imaginative mind, I’ll let you imagine the risqué little flirt and master of coquetry (or Madame Isabella?) that I am…

During the day, I’m an Ivy-educated artist in the making, but at night I’m an independent entrepreneur satisfying both my urge for adventure, unexpected dalliances while funding my future creative endeavors. A lifelong voyager and speaking 3 languages fluently, I can be found to my heart’s content anywhere: from a muddy jungle in Colombia to a poetry fair in Paris, a kink party (for those of you with a more decadent penchant ;)) in Hong Kong or right here in New York with you, swapping stories and expertise, sharing laughs over good food.

With hobbies ranging from getting smeared in paints, smashing my piano keyboard, making a fool of myself in front of the mirror while music blasts, and curling up under a blanket with a favorite book or film (or my dear partner in crime like yourself), I exuberate a joie de vivre with my endless creativity and curiosity.

Would you care to join me for this dance? Let’s make some art and weave fantasies into reality together <3

The Look

Isabella Nin is a 5'8", slender, 24 year old asian woman with long black hair and black eyes.

She is available for Male, Female, Couples, and Trans.


Dance (contemporary, jazz, ballet, flamenco), traveling, reading, films, arts, good food with nice company, learning and exploring something new, making and appreciating pretty things, intellect, well-written emails


1H Sweet Prelude 1200

1.5H Un Rendez-vous 1500

2H A Proper Introduction 1900

3H Cocktail Date 2500 (preferred first date :))

4H Dinner Date 3000 (my fav xD)

5H Afternoon Adventure 3500 (fmty minimum)

14H La Nuit Blanche 5000

Please make sure to email the following to guarantee a prompt response.

1) Mandatory screening info (valid recent references/government-issued ID+employment info)

2) The preferred time, length, and location of our date

3 hrs and plus dates require public time. 10% Deposit is required via cash app, gift card or crypto and cancelation fee applies. 50% is due for cancelation within 24 hours and 100% is due for cancelation within 12 hours.

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