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I am Arabella your impeccable amuse-bouche or perhaps your life long muse! I am nothing short of a once in a lifetime experience.

Highly educated, I am wildly adventurous and comfortable in my own skin. A gifted artist with a BFA and an MFA from the finest universities and trained with some of the world’s foremost artists.

I have a lithe, toned ballerina body, and dance occasionally. I played volleyball, was a cheerleader, senior class president, and homecoming Queen. My father, a serious scientist, insisted on AP calc and swimming, and I swam competitively. Between the two I enjoyed a rich and varied education.

I am of English-Irish descent, highly intellectual & voracious for knowledge…I was once described as precocious, although I don’t feel it nor act it. My body is freckled with a few tattoos I’ll tell you about…reminiscent of a lush garden of fresh flowers glowing in the sunshine, each with a story to recount.

Professionally I am a passionate painter and sculptor. I create wonderful work which has sold internationally. My work conveys a calm energy that radiates from my paintings, soft sculptures, photographs, watercolors and plants. My style is a combination of Academic and Contemporary but my own which comes from time spent cultivating my rich inner world…you’ll see the influence of Chagal, Bosch, Frankenthaler, Matisse and Wesselmann. I dislike comparisons but to give you a sense, my current work is innovative collages somewhere between Bouguereau and Jenny Saville.

I stand 5”9” and have an impeccable body. I am happy and radiant in any situation. I admire non fiction books, wildflowers, art history, the theater and men. I will be grateful and enthralled anywhere !

My ideal day would be spent visiting one of this city’s great art museums, brunch at the Boat Basin Cafe, a copy of “Sapiens” or Nabokov in hand…topped off with an evening with you and a pousse-café.

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Arabella Windsor is a 5'8", slender, 24 year old caucasian woman with long blonde hair and brown eyes.

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