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Want to experience the kiss felt across the world? The highly acclaimed Lorelei Leigh is pre-booking now!

Want to experience the kiss felt across the world? Gentlemen Prefer Lorelei Leigh Pre-Booking Now!

What’s in a kiss? A kiss can tell a story. A kiss can evoke a smile. A kiss can create an everlasting impression. Lorelei Leigh possesses a kiss like no other and is waiting to share it with you.

You can tell from the first moment of engagement, this will be the time you’ve been anticipating…the time you’ve been romanticizing…the time you’ve been wanting to experience. Life is full of unexplored pleasures do come true. This meeting of kindred spirits is not by mere chance. Your hidden wishes are awakened by this Goddess of substance, intelligence and beauty. Only a person with your compelling and magnanimous personality would instinctually select her to guide you through the labyrinth of dreams that begin with just… one… kiss…

Begin your journey with Lorelei by contacting her through email or text. Kindly visit the website link provided below for more information on rates, schedules, screening and reservations as well photos, videos and more. It is politely requested that all communications be sincere, kind and respectful. Call or text are accepted from unblocked numbers only and email communications are preferred. Priority consideration is given to completed online reservation request; form located on website.

Today is your day, your time, your chance. Seize opportunity and live life without longing. Make this your moment to reach for infinity and seal it with a kiss.

With Anticipation

The Look

Lorelei Leigh is a 5'1", curvy caucasian woman in her late 40's with long blonde hair and brown eyes.

She is available for Male, Female, and Couples.


I am a mature woman of varied fascinations and complexity. I have a youthful spirit and appearance but an old soul. I am completely enchanted with the grace of yesteryear, firmly grounded in the present, yet clearly focused on the future.

You are a gentleman of sophistication, sensibility, and distinction. You enjoy life and it’s simple pleasures as well as it’s great adventures. My favorite quality, in myself and others, is a sense of humor. Nothing restores like laughter. After that, I’d say magnanimity, intellect, and character rank highest. Connection is at the heart of my being and it is the focal point of all my encounters.

My interests are diverse and well-rounded. I love to travel and since I tour frequently, I do plenty of it. Adventure and new experiences are requisites for living. International travel is at the top of my list.

I love the arts, particularly theater and dance. I list musicals amongst my favorites. I also love museums of any kind. Music, movies, reading, writing, and philosophy round up my list of attractions. I have an interest in health and wellness and enjoy running, yoga, hiking, and fitness training. I do occasionally indulge and enjoy a great meal with the perfect wine pairing. I enjoy all types of food but my favorites are French, Thai, or a superb steak.

I am college-educated, having a Bachelor’s of Science in Accounting. I consider myself a life-long learner and enjoy educational pursuits. I’ve always had an interest in business and law as well an entrepreneurial spirit.


Longing to revel in the magic of cinematic creation? Kindly complete my online booking form. Screening is a must and pre-booking required.

Please read my Box Office Policies on my website for all guidelines.

We can write our own libretto that will set the perfect stage to a classic for the ages.

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