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Blair Nikole Fox

+July 15-17, Mansfield, OH- I have an extra VIP ticket to Inkcarceration!

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“I saw [Blair] wear army pants and flip flops. So, I bought army pants and flip flops.”

“Blair is so fetch” a direct quote from future you (probably)

Come soak in the lavish tub, get comfortable at (and on) the bar & enjoy an exquisite meal (and then grab some dinner ;) we’ll be working up an appetite, ya know) Gamble, Spa, Pool… Just whatever we wanna do! •Carpe Diem•

Alright, here’s that dose of honesty everyone swears they want (but typically don’t, actually lol). I’m an open book; as genuine as I am generous- that is to say probably “overly so” buttt whatevs.

I’m a bit of a hedonist; I quite enjoy the finer things in life. I spend far too much money on frivolous things, I gamble obscene amounts & I really just live life in the fast lane. Ya know what, though? I earned everything I have ever accomplished with my own tenacity and intellect. I’ve never been greedy, either. I give copious amounts of cash to others; anyone I see in need, really. But, what’s more; I took all the hurt and strife life handed me and I turned it to good; I never let it make me bitter. Now, I know that must sound rich coming from a lady of my age; “what couldyou* of possibly gone through by now?”, I’m sure you wonder… Answer: Too. F*ckn. Much. The details come out much better in person… So, I invite you… Come hear my story. Don’t worry, it has a happy end! Spoiler alert: she ends up building a beautiful life despite what they all said.

The Look

Blair Nikole Fox is a 5', slender, 23 year old caucasian woman with long blonde hair and brown eyes.

She is available for Male, Female, Couples, and Trans.


thats a heck of a list… ask?

  • don’t be rude/demanding
  • clean and pristine- showered, grooomed, etc.
  • read through my website before contacting me
  • don’t attempt to make negotiations
  • you are entitled to nothing (meaning I’m selling my time & experience not my dignity or autonomy)
  • deposit of 30% other applicable fees are required to be prepaid to secure booking
  • screening required
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