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Kacie Rose

+Renaissance Woman | Empowering Adventure Companion

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“The greatest gift one can receive is to be seen and loved for who we truly are.”

Dancer, Artist, Coach, Reveler in the Beauty and Magic of Life.

I’ve created a beautiful and fulfilling life for myself and enjoy bringing others into my sphere to share what I’ve learned with them.

I most enjoy connections that weave together an authentic and rich bond between the two of us, and allow me to support you in your own journey of personal growth.

I did the professional scientist thing for a number of years, got my PhD and worked at an Ivy League Institution. I studied what it meant to live our best lives, which led me on a journey of personal exploration into mindfulness, embodiment, and tantric practices.

I’ve developed a deeper appreciation for my body and all that it’s able to experience, the power of human connection, and the preciousness of every moment.

It’s my privilege to connect with the movers and shakers of today, and enrich your life on a personal level.

Allowing yourself to deeply and unashamedly explore what’s important to you is good not only for your own well-being but for the world. It will support you in showing up as a more fulfilled, integrated, and loving human in all aspects of your life.

The Look

Kacie Rose is a 5'2" 33 year old caucasian woman with long blonde hair and hazel eyes.

She is available for Male, Female, Couples, and Trans.


Creating unique Adventure Experiences | Snuggles | Being in Nature | Music | Yoga | Massage | Eye Gazing | Taking the Path Less Traveled | Dancing | Making Cocktails | Transformational Festivals | Painting | Holding Hands | Botanical Gardens | Skiing | Wine Pairings | Vulnerable Shares | Cycling | Science Fiction | Omakase | Sunsets | Beach Trips | Humanism | European Dinners | Jacuzzis | Star Gazing | Exchanging Appreciations


The best way to get to know me is to thoroughly explore my website.


I am available by email or through my booking form and look forward to connecting with you!

60 Min $600

90 Min $800

2 Hrs$1000

3 Hr $1400

4 Hr (It’s a Date)$1800

48 Hours notice and screening required.

I am fully vaccinated.

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