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Fabulous Fifty and SinFul

… My home base is Jacksonville/St Augustine, Florida.

October Tour Schedule


  • Jacksonville/ St Augustine Florida
  • Philly 2-4, leaving the 5th
  • Jacksonville/ St Augustine Florida
  • NYC 18-20,leaving noontime the 21st
  • Jacksonville/ St Augustine Florida

I am as old as Sin and very Sinful… I am in my early 50’s, really My fifties. I feel no need to lie or deceive you about my age. I work out, as evident in My up to date photos, and I have flaws, I am 50, I should have some flaws. My photos are untouched, what you see is the figure 8 that I really am. Slim trim, mature, and not a drama queen. I am an awesome package to unwrap. I am a Goddess and when needed a Domina who does not take herself too seriously. This is all about having fun and having someone who listens.


I adore lingerie, nylons, and pantyhose. There is no tactile substitute for quality nylons, pantyhose or a full fashion stockings. I have girdles and garters like your Aunts or your childhood baby sitter, or the lingerie picture that is stuck in your mind from the Sears catalog. I always have the most wonderful and luxurious lingerie to play in. I also have lingerie for you, if you so desire.
On My activities page I go into depth about My skills, likes and no likes ( needs to be said with a sexy Spanish accent).

I have a solid core training in the discipline of BDSM because edgy play intrigues Me.


Gentlemen Please read My website, this is My advert not My site.
My extensive site is My effort not to waste each others time…
Not Everyone goes together like garters and belts…Not Everyone complements each other like nylons and seams…

I do screen. I will need to speak with you prior to any screening.