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Hi, I’m Jennie!

I am repeatedly told, “you have it!” I am the only choice for the gentleman who demands nothing but the finest things in life; “Fun, witty, naughty, gorgeous, playful and very much a woman.”

I have an uncontrollable mischievousness that will take you from 0 to 100 in 2.3 seconds. I’m the little girl with eyes bigger than her tummy, yet a woman whose demure, feminine presence will energize you. “she is a girl that makes you forget that there is a world around us as we talk, she is a lady that makes me feel like a hot lover in the bedroom…”

Allow me to refresh you with tactfully unmitigated honesty in a society of stifling political corectness. “She was able to draw out parts of myself that I haven’t felt or expressed in a long time…” I will give you the best of both worlds: the rare maturity beyond my years and a lively demeanor that allows you to recapture the carefree spirit. You deserve the opportunity to put down professional stress as we explore forbidden fruits.

“If I could I would keep her to myself but she’s too awesome to not share with others.” Take me as your kitten, sensually playful, or lioness, assuming control and giving you what you want and need.


Jennie Kennedy



1 hour…500


2 hours…900

3 hours…1300

Overnight(12hours w/ 6 hours sleep)…5000