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+Goddess Diana Chicago Tantra Muse I specialize in multi hr tantra retreats

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I offer half hour tantra sessions over whatsapp for a fee of $100 or a full hour for 175 if you are seeking a mini chakra balancing session over the phone with breath instructions and chanting. You may also use this time to ask me pertinent questions about my tantra ceremonies for a future session with me in person or as a couple if you are married.

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Having an open heart keeps you vital, youthful,mysterious, ageless and transcendent
Tantra yoga is a heart centered practice that teaches you mindfulness and awakens your ability to connect to bliss

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I am an Empath and possess heightened awareness which means I am instantly at ease with your energy and in no rush to help you explore your hidden capacity to feel overwhelming bliss.

I have twenty years of experience cumulatively as an alternative energy worker, Usui Reiki Master, Tantra Educator and massage therapist. I have been formally trained as a Certified Tantra Educator, Usui Reiki master, Pranic Healer, Massage therapist, lomi lomi therapist, and Tantra couples coach. I’m very confident we will engage in laughter, gentle healing touch and positivity during our tantra ceremonies.

My unique specialty is preparing full day or half day tantra bliss journeys and spa retreats that include luxury baths for the two of us to enjoy, sound healing, cuddle therapy, yoga, chakra balancing, Aromatherapy, advanced and beginners tantra ceremonies and goddess healing which is the sacred art of learning how to give unconditional love and healing touch to your partner.

I’m available to plan a special full day of tantra spa retreat ceremonies with you if you give me adequate notice and a small deposit. I recommend sessions no shorter in length than 90 minutes for beginners and require at least three hours notice if you are seeking a same day appointment.

During our tantra ceremony you will feel rejuvenated and not depleted.

I try to make all my sessions heartfelt and connecting. I can create an environment through my loving and empathic nature where you will feel safe, nurtured and deeply cared for. Tantra to me is not an exercise of “will” or force but of simply being in the moment.

Contact me directly by phone between 9am till 9pm to schedule a same day session and you can always set up a late evening meeting with me provided you call between those hours. I would prefer for you to call me directly for a personalized live phone conversation rather than text. I like tuning into the energies of your voice as opposed to a generic text from an unknown stranger.

If you have questions about my ceremonies and you would prefer to meet with me in person prior to committing to a tantra ceremony I encourage you to hire me for a paid coffee consultation. During your hour long consultation you are encouraged to ask me anything you wish and you can use the fee as your deposit towards your first tantra ceremony with me. I am willing to meet you anywhere within the city of Chicago and in Schaumburg, Illinois. I endeavor to make you feel as comfortable as possible prior to our first session and I can explain in depth anything you wish to know about the subtleties of alternative healing and traditional tantra yoga.

My preference is to receive 24 hours notice if you are seeking a mini tantra spa retreat. I love creating something beautiful for the two of us to enjoy and savor and I always acquire a gorgeous, cozy, serene space that will enhance our time together. If you don’t have a full 24 hours simply call me early in the day before 3pm and I can still accommodate you for a spa retreat if you just saw my ad and you agree to giving me a deposit immediately.

I’m also a wonderful tour guide so contact me ahead of time and I’ll help make your visit to Chicago memorable and impactful. I can plan a full day of activities with you that will include a hiking tour of the city and the best restaurants in the suburbs and city of Chicago.

I am very enthusiastic about the sessions I offer and you will find me to be very caring and supportive. I prefer to work with men and women who are self starters and who are also into energy work, self care and creative pursuits.

Please note I offer VIP Luxury spa services in both Schaumburg, Illinois and Chicago. The more notice you give me the better able I am to serve you with very best I have to offer. Luxury spa sessions require a small deposit and at least 4 hours or 24 hrs notice.

You deserve the very best and tantra ceremonies are a beautiful way to pamper yourself while boosting your immunity.

The Look

Goddess Diana is a 5'1", curvy, 38 year old caucasian woman with shoulder length hair and hazel eyes.

She is available for Male, Female, Couples, and Trans.


I love traveling all over the United States and have been to Germany, England, Belgium, France, Amsterdam, Brazil, Jamaica and the Islands of Hawaii. I enjoy animals, walking, hiking, fine dining, writing, networking, cinema and co creating sacred space with all my guests especially full day tantra journeys.

I adore engaging in good conversation with all my guests and my true hope is that we can become good friends during our time together because your enjoyment is very important to me. When we share a tantra session together my true goal is to help you feel deeply connected to your own powerful energy within you. In essence I will help you awaken your own body’s ability to heal itself so that you feel tingly, genuinely at peace with yourself and full of positive energy for days. I’m especially in touch and attuned with psychic energy, the paranormal and creating healing magic.

My greatest passion of course is connecting with creative, heart centered people who are seeking nurturing touch and hopefully interested in learning more about the magic within all of us as we co create sacred moments.

I’m an extrovert, extremely comfortable with strangers and engaging in conversations with people I’ve just met. In fact many of my clients feel so comfortable with me that they tell me it feels as if they have known me for years. I always begin all my sessions with conversation to put you at ease and set the best mood for our ceremony. It’s natural for anyone to feel a bit nervous the first time they meet someone new and I never wish to rush anyone who entrusts me with their energy.

I am even open to the opportunity to join you in any tantra workshop you have an interest in and I’d be happy to be your tantra partner if you are too shy and desirous of professional company.

If you would like to bring me a gift I absolutely love precious gems like garnet and yellow topaz and crystals like rose quartz, clear quartz wands, selenite, citrine, tektite, smoky quartz, and Obsidian. I use crystals during all my tantra ceremonies and I have an extensive collection so I would always welcome a new crystal wand or sacred geometry set if you wish to present me with a thoughtful gift.


Please share as much of yourself as you can so I can help meet all your goals and expectations. Everyone has boundaries so feel free to give me a true sense of what you are seeking as we co create sacred space.

Please give me at least three hours notice for a same day or evening session. If you are seeking a half day or full day of tantra spa activities give me enough notice so we can create a memorable experience you will truly enjoy such as a spa bubble bath for two in an upscale luxury suite with light snacks available for us to share and relish over good conversation.

I do prefer for new clients to call me directly between the hours of 9am to 9pm and always introduce yourself to me using your full legal name. I myself have a strong presence on social media so I would like you to extend the same courtesy to me by being open and transparent as we discuss your goals for our shared time together.

I am available seven days a week and it’s rare for me to take a full day off; however I need as much notice from you as possible especially if you are seeking a half day or full day of tantra.

I will always request an advanced deposit if you need me to procure a beautiful space for us to enjoy together. My sessions are a beautiful journey of the chakras and will completely refresh and reawaken all your senses while increasing your creative spark.

People leave my sessions completely energized yet calm, nurtured and centered from within. My greatest delight is to make you feel deeply cared for and completely at ease. I enjoy making people feel whole again and I love creating a deep sense of serenity within you.

I truly hope you will choose me as your Muse, friend, Tantra Guide, and healer. Tantra is meant to be savored and sipped and is best experienced in a soothing, unrushed setting that is colorful and uplifting to your senses.

True Tantriks understand that as we weave our energies together we see that we are all Mirrors for one another. I honor the Divine within you!

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