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“What is really important for a woman, you know, even more than being beautiful or intelligent, is to be entertaining.”
- Zsa Zsa Gabor

You are a well-refined gentleman longing the femininity, companionship, and comfort from a beautiful woman. You are not just searching just any beautiful woman, she must possess the decorum, confidence, sensuality, and style of elegance. This woman is the affectionate Aphrodite and friend you can explore the world with. Well you have finally found her, and her name is Chantelle Jolie.

With me, we establish a genuine connection and create magical passionate memories without the worry of complications. The anticipation of our meeting makes the moment more exciting and enduring, when we embrace it feels as we are long-lost friends finally reunited. Our time together is organic and discreet, I seek to explore and amuse you that you will think of me during your next business meeting. We both have something in common: we live for the best experience possible together. This is the reason why you discovered me, it is destined for us to finally connect and create our own world.


1 HOUR - 500
1.5 HOURS - 700
2 HOURS - 900
4 HOURS - 1400
6 HOURS - 2000
10 HOURS - 4000

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The Look

Chantelle Jolie is a 5'9", slender, 26 year old ebony woman with long hair and brown eyes.

She is available for Male only.


I always had a creative soul and imagination, I love to express myself through writing, drawing, and creating. I can be found roaming an arts museum or reading a new book on Kindle in the park. Enjoying time outdoors, whether it’s at the beach at Lake Shore or hiking while on vacation, helps clear my head and escape into my own world.

Of course a lady like myself indulges in shopping. Shopping for clothes, shoes, and even home decor releases tons of serotonin to my brain. A woman can never have too many clothes!

Learn more about me when we are finally together!

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  • Social Date is a public-only date
  • Please do not discuss or negotiate my contributions
  • A 25% deposit is required to book for all experiences via Venmo or Cashapp.
  • Any contribution made to me is for my time and modeling expertise only
  • Screening is mandatory with no exceptions.
  • Please go on my website to view my contribution and fill my booking form.
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