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Back again I see. May indecisiveness not be your downfall.

Hello Gents, I’m Amori Bordeaux, enthralled with all things feminine, passionate, and vivacious. Pink is my favorite color, I sleep to the sound of Jazz, and my skin is soft, doused in the subtle scent of Chanel Chance. When I’m not floating on Cloud 9 to a new destination, you can find me at home—freshly bathed, oiled down in lavender, inhaling the smell of my peppermint incenses, reading about the classic 1970’s. My everyday goal is to embody peace and tranquility. And my ultimate goal is to be your dose of relaxation. Be careful not to overdose though, I warn you I can be quite addicting. Carpe Diem, AmoriB!

The Look

Amori Bordeaux is a 5'2", slender, 25 year old woman with black hair and brown eyes.

She is available for Male, and Disability.




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Quality over Quantity any day!
I love a man who prides himself on being a gentleman. One who looks their best and smells their best steals my heart every time! When contacting me please make note that text and email are the best ways of getting in contact with me. Please refrain from sending any explicit photos or lewd messages. They will not be opened or viewed.

Multi-Hour dates are my favorite and thus, priority booking will be given for those occasions. I thrive on building connections with those I meet so rest assured longer time with me will be most fulfilling.

Spontaneuity is very much apprecaited but, rushing causes me so much anxiety. Please consider my double X chromosomes when booking with less than 24 hours notice and leave the surprises for when we are together :)

Finally, let’s discuss cancellations. As the saying goes, ‘sh*t happens’, if anything on your end changes please contact me. Communication is a key part of establishing relationships. Doing your part, along with mine, will not only strengthen our new found friendship, but heighten our levels of comfortability. Help me, help you, help us. Thank you so much for reading! I hope to meet you soon!

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