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Goddess JadeTigress
Fort Lauderdale

+Tantra is the ability to open, receive and expand the consciousness of Love

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Massage, Tantra

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The journey is here now, with that the opportunity presents itself to expand your awareness into harnessing your chi, a steadfast breathe, and an open heart to receive the truth of unconditional love.

…Let us journey together beyond the realms of your tangible existence and into the magical heart of Tantra!

We’ll dive beyond the dimensions of relaxation and raise your vibration into sweet Love…luscious sensuality divine.

‘Tantra will awaken and expand all of your:

Chakras (energy centers) and fruitful joy within…

intimately freeing your

Heart-Mind-Body-Soul-Spirit into a new Precipice of Tantric Sensations…we are all ready to unveil now!

My name is Goddess Jade-Tigress

…I am a lovely, eloquent, sassy, yet nurturing, classic Tantrika’s completely devoted to bringing harmony, balance and pleasureful peace back into your beautiful souls!…my sessions will whisk you away into a journey of serenity, as we flow, and breathe life back into you using our special intergraion of:

Tantric Guidance, or Tantic Companionship guidance including:

Eye gazing, Tantric Breath and Communication, Loving rose touch, Enriching Ceremonial Song and Dance, Rejuvinating Water Ceremonies, Sound- healing, Aromatherapy, Deep Meditation, Reiki (Energy Healing), Nuru, and Shiatsu Deep/Soft tissue therapies.

You are now ready to unwind your fears of affinity and let your stresses melt away in this meditative cosmic alignment of the mind, body, soul breath and Spirit…search no further you’ve found your

“True Love Goddess!”

“Devotion takes time, passion keeps us alive and magic makes it all worth it”

-Goddess Jade-Tigress of Tantric Divinity and Anahata(heart) bodywork.

*Outcall only at this time

Text or leave a message!

*Please give a min 90min notice, and by please book your journey with me ahead as well! Let’s make it magical…

Outcall only at this time:

Mon-Fri: 10am-10pm
Sat-Sun: 10am-11pm


Mon-Fri: 5pm-10pm
Sat-Sun: 10am-10pm

*Upon request ahead as we create accommodations

*Conscious Respecful* gentleman/ladies/couples only, stay classy.

*Text me or call please for further loving details!

The Look

Goddess JadeTigress is an athletic woman with blue eyes.

She is available for Male, Female, and Couples.

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