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I see you’ve been eyeing me for sometime now… Why not forge a new friendship during these strange times? Get to know me via the powers of email or a classic phone call.

3 Days Of Unlimited Email: 200

1 Thirty Minute Phone Call: 150
2 Thirty Minute Phone Calls: 200

Phone And Email Combo: 250
Phone And Email Package: 300

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“The only way to get rid of a temptation is to yield to it.” —Oscar Wilde

The film’s begun:
A dancer bodied brunette with honeyed skin and dark eyes hinting at mischief takes her time as she strolls onto the screen. A femme fatale at first glance but she flashes you a smile full of warmth and kindness.

Everything starts with that opening scene, that first breath-taking glance. Flashes of memory for you to replay ad infinitum long after the movie’s ended:

The slender curve of delicate shoulders, The upturned corners of luscious lips, high angled cheekbones leading you to cat-eyes, a messy head of hair thrown back in a loud and lusty laugh.

Meet, Nina.

Sup? B)

My precocious tendencies have sent me off on many curious adventures across the globe (14 countries and counting!) Along the way I’ve learned to slow down, to revel in the unexpected, to stay for that last glass of wine. And most importantly, to cherish good company, good food, and to laugh often and easily.

I’m a well-rounded woman. My hobbies range from international travel, to at-home salsa dancing, to reading The Economist in the bath. I can be just as silly as I am stylish, valuing the privilege of indulging in new experiences and savoring the beauty of a moment.

In short, I’m an old soul in search of romantics of true substance and class with whom I can share my passions, if only for a moment…

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The Look

Nina Sumac is a 5'3", slender, 25 year old latina woman with short brunette hair and brown eyes.

She is available for Male, Female, Couples, and Trans.


I adore being adored, as much as I adore adoring. My main hobbies are as eclectic as my personality!


  • Spend a whole day roaming art museums and galleries…
  • Pose like the sculptures and make faces at the portraits…
  • Get dressed to the nines to try a new bar/restaurant…
  • Never make it to said bar/restaurant…
  • Go record shopping to add to my vinyl collection…
  • Listen to said records back at mine…

My preference for longer dates is reflected in my rates. Let’s share a cinematic momment that will leave us smirking devilishly days later…

Booking information can be submitted directly to my e-mail or through the booking form on my website

1.5h 1000* | 2h 1200 | 3h 1500** | 6h 2400 | 12h 4000

*only while touring

**required minimum for new friends

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