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Goddess Harmonex

+Loving yet Sadistic!

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Prepared to be enthralled!

My darling subs, pets, sissies, benefactors and devotees:

Enter my domain with reverence and you will be rewarded.

I’m a sensual and sadistic Goddess with a heart of gold combined with natural supremacy and domination that will make you want to drop to your knees.

Whether it’s pain, humiliation, or pure pleasure you crave–I will infiltrate your psyche and own your body with my authentically nurturing, supremely creative, and selectively sadistic activities.

My magic and demeanor breathes bravery, joy and wholeness into souls like yours.

While I may sometimes flog, spank, humiliate or otherwise torment you for your pleasure and my entertainment, you’ll notice that these activities are not the foundation of our dynamic.

It is our mutual open communication, authenticity, and desires that are the foundations for our dynamic.

You are my willing submissive. You will bow down and confess your kinks to me. You will tell me things you’ve never told anyone.

I feed off of your trust, adoration and fear-tinged devotion. I am authentically turned on by the uniqueness of your fantasies, and I will be your guide in eradicating every last drop of shame from your being.

You will crave me as I engulf your thoughts and desire. With over ten years in the lifestyle, and a master’s degree in psychology, you can trust me to take your devotion seriously, as I giggle in delight and you squirm with pleasure.

Send me an email or text message today to start your devotion, or visit my website.

The Look

Goddess Harmonex is a 5'6" caucasian woman in her early 40's with long blonde hair and blue eyes.

She is available for Male, Female, Couples, and Trans.


BDSM of all kinds

wax play




domestic service

body worship



Expect to be screened and to explain what it is you want.

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