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Okay, clearly the genre we’re in is cyberpunk dystopia. I’m calling the role of the attractive, leather-wearing Trinity-type, ready to bend over backwards to ineffectively dodge enemies on a rooftop.

Together, we hide in a hotel, looking out at the lights of the futuristic city through the noir fog. What do we do, knowing our technocratic end is growing closer? We savor a moment, dreaming of softness, chocolate, and a blue sky.

The night rolls on, unforgetable, dawn rolling in on the neon skyline.

The Look

Talia Sable is a 5'1", slender, all natural, 22 year old caucasian / asian woman with long brunette hair and brown eyes.

She is available for Men only.


-Doodling some abstract psychedelic beings

-Vacuuming my house

-Spending too much time curating wishlists and pretending I’m doing something productive (find ‘em on my website)

-Aggressing at overly-friendly squirrels


I require two references from the past six months. If you don’t have references available, I might still be able to meet you. In that case, please provide me with your full name, date of birth, phone number, and LinkedIn profile. If it’s our first time meeting, keep in mind that the screening process takes time — I won’t be able to make a same day appointment.

All incalls require a $500 deposit, payable in cryptocurrency or amazon giftcards (send to taliasable@protonmail.com). If you have to cancel less than 24 hours before our meeting, I require a donation of 50%, which we can put towards a reschedule in the future.

The donation should be placed in a plain white envelope. In public, do not mention the envelope, but provide it discreetly, like in a gift bag or with a birthday card. In private, leave it somewhere in plain sight and excuse yourself to the restroom.

Donations are for my time only.

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