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+Why everyone’s raving about this sexy Italian Goddess?

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The Look

Sophie Belle is a 5'6", slender, all natural, 37 year old caucasian woman with shoulder length brunette hair and brown eyes.

She is available for Men, Women, and Couples.

We are connected now. Your search for something more – more feeling, more delight, more bliss – has brought you to me, your Italian goddess.

Relax into my oasis of pleasure and healing.
Feel your body awaken to the depth you secretly crave.
Reclaim those sensations long buried by the worlds of work and worry.

Recover your life force, your natural power, your core vitality. Your natural self was made for pleasure.
Your heart is ready for more.

Follow the call. Let the wise woman guide you.

Sophie Belle xoxo


The creative arts have been my life: visual*, music and fashion, all in Europe.
When I needed personal healing, my search took me to India. There I learned the ancient arts of massage, yoga, meditation and Tantra.

Returning to the West, I became a certified massage therapist (CMT) skilled in Shiatsu, Swedish massage, Reiki and energy release.

Later, I was among the first in San Francisco to offer Nuru slides, a uniquely thrilling pleasure technique.
Over the past 15 years, I have refined and merged these many Eastern and Western disciplines into the joyful work of Sacred Sensation.

Now my art is healing through pleasure.
Come to my private studio and give yourself a gift.


Sacred Oil Massage
Sensual, relaxing and therapeutic. I use warm, unscented oil to soothe your skin and work the tissues underneath. I trust the intuition in my hands, and your responses, to guide me. Where do you desire healing, relaxation or pleasure? We meet and linger there for what you want.
Options and Offerings
1 hour 220
90 min 320
2 hours 420


A slip and slide to excite your senses. (First-timers often call it “breathtaking.”

Originally from Japan, nuru massage is done on an air mattress lubricated by nori clear seaweed gel.
Options and Offerings
1 hour 300
90 min 380
2 hours 480

Bliss Package

A combination of Sacred Oil Massage & Nuru
for the ultimate
pampering and relaxation.
90 min 460
2 hours 550
3 hours 700

Four Hands Double

Two beautiful women give you a multi-sensory experience of excitement, anticipation and lots of eye candy. More than twice as much of everything you love about a woman’s body.
Options and Offerings
4 Hands Sacred Oil Massage
1 hour 400
90 min 500
2 hours 600
NURU ( with 2 providers)
60 min 500
90 min 700
2 hours 900

Couple’s Sacred Connection

For you and a partner wanting to add the sacred, the Tantric and the kinky into your life.
Or perhaps you want to enhance and broaden your relationship.
I provide a safe and supportive environment for you to relax and play with each others and guide you through:

role playing, basic couple massage, breathing, Tantra techniques and more,

while you and your partner rediscover new ways to enjoy and pleasure each other’s bodies

Treat it as a gift to the relationship. Expect it to spark the creative, sensual genius inside you.
Your Options
75 min 350
+30 min 100 each

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