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Priestess Ava

+I’m nurturing, cunning, & selectively cruel. My magic will mesmerize you.

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San Francisco

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Bow down and confess your kinks to Priestess Ava—an Elite Pro Domme and Tantric Priestess.

Bow down and confess your kinks, sub. Divulge your wildest fantasies, so you can embody your deepest submission. Whether it’s humiliation, degradation, or pure titillation you dream of–I will infiltrate your psyche and own your being with my authentically nurturing, supremely creative, and selectively sadistic demeanor.

Or perhaps you are the worshiping type. Your devotion is the seed for this sacred ritual. What blossoms from that seed will be up to me. My witchy magic is potent and my rituals often begin with guided meditation.

I also adore the art of collaborative domination. With two skilled dominants in the room, we can weave our creativity together. Submit to your Priestess and her friend (male or female), to tap into this potential. Perfect for the kinky connoisseur, bratty sub, or punishment glutton. I collaborate with several lovely humans. Two of my favorites are: Mxtress Citrine & Sir Javier.

Ready to go deeper? Domestic servitude and spiritual feminization training rituals may be right for you. They can be the starting point for a more formalized level of engagement, or a one-off deep dive into domestic service kink, or my unique take on sissification. The latter, isn’t for cross dressing fetishists or for anyone who wants to be degraded for being feminine. It is for people who deeply want to embody the divine feminine at every level of their being and are eager to learn how to be a Priestess.

Are you ready to submit? Be a good sub, and click on my website.


“Priestess Ava’s passion for the dark power of the feminine- to heal, to challenge, to change the world- runs deep. She’s a sorceress, a priestess, a tantrika with great love in her heart and great magic in her body.” David Cates

The Look

Priestess Ava is a 5'6", curvy, 35 year old caucasian / latina woman with long brunette hair and brown eyes.

She is available for Male, Female, Couples, and Trans.


Things I adore…

  • Taunting & teaching you
  • Providing “first-time” experiences
  • Expanding your bi horizons
  • Being in nature
  • Learning, growing, healing
  • Music…playlist and dancing queen
  • Writing, reading, and drawing
  • Traveling, especially to remote islands
  • Helping others to find their joy and bravery
  • Eliminiating fear and shame from the planet

I require screening for all new clients. The quickest way to schedule with me is by submitting a booking form on my website. Otherwise, send me a respectful email.

If you have any questions, please explore my website thoroughly before contacting myself or my assistant at


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