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Wild Iris

+Elite Holistic Dominatrix

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“Her passions are made of nothing but the finest part of pure love.”
-Antony and Cleopatra


Here we go…

Are you ready?

Ah, you are trembling oh so slightly. Your eyes find mine and your quiver deepens; have you ever experienced such a pure and powerful gaze? You want to surrender fully yet your guard is still up. Now is the time to put it down. My heart is open. Yours feels it and opens. And so we begin.

We find ourselves immersed in the delicious landscape of your darkest thoughts. With delight I guide you deep into fragrant valleys of pain, over expansive fields of pleasure, through the mountainous landscape of your ego. I sense your thoughts before you have finished formulating them in your mind. You want to go further yet don’t know how. Yet again you catch yourself wondering if it could really be this good. Are we in a dream?

You tell me things you have never told another soul. The relief lifts you; you feel ever-freer in the surrender. You want to tell me more. You want to give me everything. You want me to ravage your precious holy vessel.

I know another way.

I prefer to experience my food before I eat it. I take my time to explore every mountain and valley in the kingdom of your being.

Somewhere along the way you lose yourself and find me, holding your hand. I reflect back to you the beauty of your soul in a way that you’ve never before known. Can this be real? Surely. This is what happens when you meet the Queen of the Underworld.

My favorite activities can be seen in full on my website, and include strict and sultry domination, kinky massage, extreme S & M, fetish, to name a few… Try me.

The Look

Wild Iris is a 6', athletic, 30 year old caucasian woman with medium length blonde hair and blue eyes.

She is available for Male, Female, Couples, and Trans.


Indulging in a vast array of hedonistic pleasure that simultaneously consumes my soul and elevates me to the highest potential of human-being. A deep love of the natural world leads me to fascination with foraging, gardening, cooking, herbal medicine making, and perfecting the arts of fermentation. I can be found taking and hosting classes on passionate nature connection, transformational practice, and plant sciences. I am an alchemist and an herbalist by trade and training and adore any conversation that seeks to illuminate further connection with the plant world.


To Book, fill out the Session Request Form on my website. This form is secure and I will respond to you shortly by email.

For questions related to my offerings, email me directly at I will reply at my earliest convenience. I much prefer email to phone communication and only communicate via phone with clients once the booking is complete.

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