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I offer Social Distance Dating (Private Virtual Companion sessions) - inquire for details

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An elevated, enchanted experience like you’ve never had before.

They tell me I’m different, somehow.
Sure, every woman hears she’s special. An unadorned appeal for her favor, as timeless as it is artless.

But that’s not what they say. They say ‘different’. They’re describing something objective, discussing it with me frankly. Like we’re two scientists trying to work out why, or how exactly, I make them feel a certain way: kingly, light-as-air, with a completely new sense of ease, pride and confidence.

They’re right that there is something about me, and I think I know what it is.
When we first meet, you won’t fully understand. You’ll see a beautiful caramel-skinned woman—vivacious and silly, yet intelligent and charismatic.

But only later, when you sense how happy we both are, will you fully understand how different I am. It’s a pure instinctual fact, unadulterated by, well, adulthood in this complicated world of man.

I am your discreet confidant, your rapt listener, and above all your champion. long conversations during those unforgettable times together, growing to understand you as you me, this is what I live for.


Eva Loren

The Look

Eva Loren is a 5'9", slender, 22 year old caucasian / ebony woman with medium length brunette hair and brown eyes.

She is available for Male, and Couples.


Hi, I’m Eva, and if you’re looking for the refined, hazelnut woman of your dreams to spend some sublime refreshing time with, well you just let me know mister!



Before any date proper screening must be conducted through my webpage under bookings or email.

I want our date to be as smooth as possible. Within the first five minutes of our date please place my donation in an unsealed envelope in the bathroom or somewhere visible. If we are in a public setting please discretely place donation in a card or gift bag. I may excuse myself for moment to freshen up in the bathroom. My rates aren’t negotiable and am extreamly offended if this is attempted.

Cancelation Policy

In an unfortunate event that you would have to cancel or reschedule, I require a 24 hour cancelation notice prior to our scheduled date. Otherwise you will be charged with a cancelation fee of 30% of your total donation.

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