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“Most beautiful of what I leave is the light of the sun // Second: bright stars and the face of the moon // But also: ripe cucumbers, apples, and pears.”
—Praxilla, Fragment 1

Offbeat maiden, dancing queen—titled by the binding kiss of divine right and professional experience (I danced in nude clubs for a time, but these days prefer to slink around to balmy playlists at home or in good company), and a noble herald of whimsy: my attempt at the most rudimentary of self-portraits.

Recently returned to the San Francisco Bay Area after being held close by the Pacific Northwest for many years, I am eager to get re-acquainted with the inner workings of that which is again so big and new to me. Sweet and petite, shy but flirtatious, and a head-in-the-clouds romantic at heart, I revel in curious pleasures and simple delights of all form.

In my free time I am often found reading (political theory, a favorite novel, works of poetry), draping myself in beautiful sounds, and studying languages. I adore attending performances at the symphony and the opera, grazing over delicate refreshments and fresh fruit on a picnic in the park, and am a confessed habitué of experimental film.

I feel inspired not only by the broader cultural arts, but by sharing in the deeply personal art of closeness as well; I love the fluttery feeling of beautiful and budding connections, delicate and always in flux. Blissing out on passion is my idea of perfect heaven.

All are welcome; people of any age (21+), race, ability, gender, and orientation are encouraged to contact me.

xoxo, L

The Look

Luka King is a 5'3" 23 year old caucasian woman with long brunette hair and blue eyes.

She is available for Male, Female, Couples, and Trans.


I love dark chocolate, candied ginger, mead, red wines, herbal tea, and fresh berries, preferably enjoyed on a lovely date along with the pleasure of your company.

  • Please visit my website for all information about booking (including my offerings, guidelines, and the best way to get in touch).
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