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It seems everyone finds it difficult to describe themselves. After all, we don’t create experiences alone, we create them through connection with each other. But I can tell you some of what I have been told by friends: that I am a great listener and conversationalist, exceedingly warm, and also very easy to get along with. I believe these things to be true.

My previous work experience lies in elementary education and mental health advocacy, as I fundamentally believe in the importance of both of these fields. I am very low tech in a sea of technology. I also speak another language, and I have traveled extensively, but I don’t think these are the most interesting things about me. I like to read the science times, and I nerd out on ted radio hour and this american life (basic, I know). I laugh easily, give too much eye contact almost all of the time, and am pretty much the most affectionate person I know.

If you are interested in knowing a little more about me, here is something I wrote to give you a little glimpse into who I am:

My idea of utopia is a perfectly hot bath, smelling of lavender and roses. A book that takes you to another world. A perfect cup of coffee. A vacation that makes you think differently about the world around you, and fills you with a new hope for humankind. Kindness. Connection, if only for a moment. Walking through trees in golden gate park at dusk, the shadows falling in a way which reminds me of something comforting and foreign at the same time. A perfect sunset at dusk across a beautiful ocean.

I hope we have the opportunity to create something together.


The Look

Elise Jensen is a 5'5", slender, 28 year old caucasian woman with long blonde hair and blue eyes.


Day hikes, architecture, interior design, investing, crypto, creative writing, reading fiction and non-fiction, spa trips, hot springs, farm to table cuisine, new restaurants with creative menus, dressing up, cultural events, dinner at restaurants with beautiful views, jewelry and shopping trips, Japanese food and culture, Italian food, day trips, dancing, making new friends



*Please see the “FAQ” section of my website for complete information regarding expectations of our time together.


$1500 1.5 hours

$2000 2 hours

$3500 Up to 4 hour dinner date

$4000 6 hour day excursion/night on the town

*Please see the “Donation” page on my website for additional information regarding travel and date extensions.

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