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Alexia Ryan

+Bodacious, Curvy, Tech-Savvy Blasian

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San Francisco

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Wanting a break from the normal and to experience a tech-savvy, curvy, Blasian with a pretty smile?

I’m Alexia, where Digital Delights meets a feminine and upbeat companion. Imagine a fusion of infectious joyous energy and effortlessly chic style, creating an unforgettable vibe that exudes both modern flair and timeless elegance.

As an elegant and charismatic individual, I bring a radiant positivity to every encounter. My flair for modern fashion and lingerie perfectly matches my passion for creative expression and tech, offering you an experience like no other. I’m a curvaceous, demure, woman standing at 5’9, with Double DDs, 42” hips, and a size 27” waist. My features are a mix of thick lips, almond shaped eyes, due to my Cambodian/Black heritage, and a wide smile.

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Alexia Ryan is a woman.

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