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Kali Tantra

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+Rare & Unique Transgender Tantrika

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San Diego


Massage, Tantra


Transgender (TS)

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Perfect for creating intimacy when in person simply isnt possible! Also remote tantra instruction sessions.

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Exotic & unique powerful tantrika with a gift to awaken & open to the divine.

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Please try and give some notice as my schedule books out quickly!

You are a divine being living a human experience. Feel how powerful, sacred and magnetic you truly are. Tantra teaches us a way of living that offers deep inner peace, a sense of connection to self and a feeling of being fully present and alive in our bodies.

Sacred Touch Tantra Massage. You are encouraged to enter a deep state of relaxation where transformation and journeying may occur. This massage experience is an excellent way to relax, receive and feel worshipped in a sacred temple space. Includes elements of deep tissue, swedish, nuru, and 5 elements Tantra massage. 333/hr 444/90min

Double massage sessions with my tantrika wife Angel. She is born female and is pure light, love and joy. 600/hr 888/90m

This can be extremely deep, profound personal work that can achieve lasting change in any direction you wish to take your life. If you wish to become more magnetic and attract more love into your life, or you wish to gain more confidence, self esteem and personal power, or you wish to no longer feel restrained by others or social convention and you want to feel fully alive and fully free, this work is for you. It is also for you if you wish to relax, enter into the divine spaces and journey while floating in a sea of bliss.

Chakra Balancing

Kundalini Activation

Energy Clearing

Spiritual Awakenings

Increase Personal Power

Increase Magnetism

Correct Intimate Dysfunctions

Gain mastery over body & mind

Please inquire. Namaste, Kali Tantra

The Look

Kali Tantra is a 5'7", athletic caucasian in their early 40's with long blonde hair and blue eyes.

They are available for Male, Female, Couples, and Trans.


I discovered the work I do now when it was done for me by a tantrika during sacred ritual. My chakras aligned and I became activated by raw kundalini life force energy. This awakening has transformed my life and it is now my honor to bring this work and its many blessings to those seeking enlightenment through tantric practices.


Please shower and be clean for our session. If you need to shower at my location please let me know in advance so we can schedule some extra time (no charge) for you to do this. I usually have the room saged with candlelight for a warm inviting ambiance. I look forward to meeting with you!

Any forms of verification you can provide are appreicated.

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