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Alma Santiago

+Sweetheart with an Untamed Soul

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Los Angeles

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Sweetheart with and untamed soul

Maybe you’re here because I strike you as different. Perhaps you’re looking for someone you can connect with on a human level. Someone lighthearted, witty and radiant who will envelop you in her world and take you on a journey.

“Alma” means soul in Spanish. I believe the soul is the inner force that animates us. Vibrant and fully alive, the soul transcends logic, reason and responsibility. When we connect with our souls, we liberate ourselves from the boredom and emptiness of everyday life. Many people question whether or not the soul really exists; I hope our time together will make you a believer.

One of the first things you might notice about me is my natural beauty. My mix of South American and European ancestry make for a unique and captivating look. I am petite with muscular legs, a slim waist, porcelain skin, and wild, flowing black hair. When we meet in person, I hope you’ll be captivated by my big hazel eyes, full lips, and mischievous smile.

Welcome to my world. Are you ready to take the leap?

The Look

Alma Santiago is a 5'2", athletic, 29 year old caucasian / latina woman with long brunette hair and hazel eyes.

She is available for Male, Female, Couples, and Trans.


I’ve been meditating daily for a few years now. In this crazy world we live in, I can’t survive unless I carve out time each day to get in touch with my true Self. Staying connected with my body is just as important as quieting my mind. I eat mostly organic foods, and enjoy weight lifting, yoga and pilates. Though I love to look good, my time is too precious to make fitness or dieting the center of my life. I still indulge in dark chocolate, champagne, red meat, and sushi. Life’s all about balance, right?

As a Pisces, I’ve always been an artist. At present I express myself through my thoughtful and provocative writing, but I also love to paint, sing, and dance like a wild woman. I experience a deep, spiritual connection with nature as well. I love to feel the earth beneath my feet, and to spend time appreciating mother earth’s many wonders.

A longtime psychonaut, I love introducing people to new worlds; but no experience is more transformative than truly connecting with another person.


To guarantee my safety, I ask all new clients to undergo a standard screening process. Please fill out the screening form on my website, or send me an email (meetmsalma@gmail.com) with a brief introduction, along with the following information:

1. Your full legal name
2. Your personal or work phone number and email address (I will never contact you without your permission)
3. Your LinkedIn or Professional Website
4. A photo of you holding your driver’s license (you may cover everything but your name)
5. Date, time and package requested

You may also include:
2 references from reputable providers (please include names, websites, and contact information)
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