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+‘Friends Sessions’ Healing Arts Therapy in Dates, Body2Body Massage

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39 yrs. old, (the photos are really me), she/her My pseudonym Vedetta has two meanings,

A completely legal service, a genuine healing arts therapy. Designed to lift your soul and your self-worth and heal shame-psychologies. Get wild and playful with dinner, drinks, conversation, cuddles & fun or take advantage of the structured practice of delay which comes from the carefully designed body2body / front2front massage… or easily incorporate both into 90mins or longer. Get free and roll around with me after practicing with a massage. Turn me over and return the favour.

The Look

Vedetta is a 5'8", slender, 39 year old caucasian woman with long black hair and hazel eyes.

She is available for Male only.


My pseudonym Vedetta has two meanings, 1) The meaning of Vedette (the beloved star of the show) and 2) The meaning of Vedetta (watchtower, meaning I am protected by angels watching over me). It rhymes with vendetta but I only have a vendetta against your pain which I will relieve. On the second session I will share my real name and backup number. I am an incredibly sweet, ethical, heart-based and conscious person. I believe in a real alternative therapy being possible in this work. With all the love I put into it, I know it’s something to be proud of; It’s just not for everyone so I respect privacy.


No-shows are not allowed. You should be confident and serious about attending once you have set an appointment. When you arrive, I’ll need you to jump in my shower. See website for other rules.

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