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“I rebel, therefore, we exist” ~ Albert Camus

The only guarantee in life is the present moment. Shall we seize it together? That is, only if you are also a believer in the quantum potential of free-thinkers colliding, all that we can dream up when we let go of the limits that bound us to the routine of our daily existence.

We deserve more than to get old and boring while going by the rules. We deserve to see and be seen on a soul level. We deserve to slow down, savour the simple pleasures of coming to know each other, and sparkle with what the future might bring.

The Look

AJ Dhillon XO is a 5'7", curvy, 38 year old woman with medium length black hair and brown eyes.

She is available for Male, Female, Couples, and Trans.


I’m a ravenous nerd, unapologetic foodie, and personalized lifehacker. As a recovering workaholic, I’m eager to preach the gospel on the joys of living your best life today, no more waiting until after you make that next paycheck or promotion. Ready? Set. Let the rebellion begin.


While I maintain my belief in the essential goodness of humanity, I must also confront the realities of the material world, which unfortunately includes some pretty unsavoury characters. I know your mom thinks you’re a great guy but I’m going to have to check for myself to confirm that you’re not a serial killer or, worse, a QAnon believer. The screening process is super simple and painless.

Send me a name, website, and email address of a companion from your recent past who can vouch for you as a reference;

I also ask Vancouver-based suitors to send a 300 deposit via Paypal along with a phone number toward making arrangements for an introductory chat prior to meeting.

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