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Sponsored Under the Radar Girls
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+Your perfect getaway; let’s unwind and connect promise to do the rest

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Ray of sunshine; diamond in the rough; come discover me.

I’m a passionate blonde bomb shell, I love people and energy. In a world of crazy chaos I thrive on connecting and getting grounded to things unseen. I love chakras and different types of personalities. I am humble and genuine; a life long contact. Lets see what there is to discover.

Im a Scorpio and all about passion. Always dying to find someone worth focusing on. Here to show people that they are worth attentive energy and soul connection. Genuinly gifted in healing the broken hearted. Here to light a sparkle in your eyes and intice you. Let your imagination guide you. Gift you a break from the day to day structure of this reality that we have thrived in for to long. Let me be your escape.

The Look

Lacey is a 5'8", slender, 26 year old caucasian woman with long blonde hair and green eyes.

She is available for Male, and Female.


Traveling and seeing the world plus places as well as people I haven’t seen. Im always seeking new things, adventurous and an endorphin gal. I love the thrill. But also am interested in balance and tranquillity definitely all around on interests.

I thrive on human connection; deeply found of taking advantage of the time that we are blessed with when in one another’s presence. Time is a precious gift and to often not seen that way. I live in the present moment and never let it slip from me while accompanying anybody. Its to common for people to live in a daze and miss connections with those around them. I will only have my reality with the person in front of me as well as my focus.


I am available Monday, Wednesday or Thursday late afternoons or evenings. Lets star gaze or watch sunsets in the West.

envelopes are appropriate etiquette

  • 350 to stop by for drinks
  • 400 for a movie
  • 500 for me to come to you
  • 600 for extended visit
  • 800 for two movies
  • 1200 for a night out or in
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