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People say I radiate life in the purest of ways. And it comes easily to me, I love living! Every part of it, the dark and the light, the quiet and the loud! Intensity is what makes me tick…

Ready to leave boredom? Good. Let’s dive headfirst into life!

Hi, I am Sofia from Berlin.

just a few words about myself before you tell me all about you…

I have always been exceptionally good at following my passions and living authentically and sensually, holding hands with pleasure and joy, and it makes me so happy to share this quality with the people I am inviting into my life. I have a gift for connecting that is based on a genuine interest in others and a deep excitement for what makes them tick. Curious as a cat I am constantly fascinated by what makes people unique. With quick wit and a mind that is as sharp as it is bendable.

I love to dance, I love to swim in the ocean and speed down the slopes on skis or snowboard. I like roller coasters and I like fast cars. I am a bit of a tomboy in petite feminine packaging, with a very intuitive, attentive and loving soul. Always seeking to find beauty in life and in others and almost always succeeding.

I smile a lot. And I love to laugh.

As a dancer, I am also quite versed in expressing myself without words. Shutting off minds, leaving words at the dinner table and letting bodies continue the conversation. I know how to use my body just as much as my brain and it is only when both are challenged that I come truly alive. I am very comfortable in my own skin and I find it easy to let go and share myself completely. I have an unlimited curiosity for experiences and an endless thirst for life in all shades of joy!

That’s me in a nutshell. I can’t wait to find out who You are or would like to be with me.


The Look

Sofia Miles is a 5'3", slender, 31 year old caucasian woman with medium length brunette hair and brown eyes.

She is available for Male, Female, and Couples.


Being with people, being without people. Talking, listening. Dancing, writing. Surfing, snowboarding. Countryside, big city adventures. Loud pop music, Ballet. You, me.


I only see a select limited number of people and am very busy and enganged in all my other creative endeavours so in order to “catch” me, give as much notice as possible when inquiring for a date with me. Same day appointments may be possible with established clients but due to screening requirements at least 24h notice are neccessary for new clients.

Preference is given to complete inquiries via my website contact form, although you may also email me the required info.

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