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Surrender as I welcome all parts of you on our sacred journey together. Deep transformation and healing is truly possible!

Namaste! I’m Tantrika Aurora, a radiant, exotic beauty who is passionate about awakening you to your full potential. I offer Full-Body Tantric Massage combining numerous healing modalities and Empowerment Coaching. Come join me in the Holly District of Austin for deep transformation, pleasure, & love!

Surrender as I welcome all parts of you on our sacred journey together. Return to your essence and enliven all of your senses through powerful Tantric Massage, Authentic Communication, Eye Gazing, & Conscious Touch Rituals. Allow yourself to experience deeper connections, remove energetic blocks, access an abundance of pleasure, and connect with the divine.

My purpose is to help clients to trust their intuition, safely open their hearts to love, and to let go of shame & guilt. I love holding space for deep transformation and healing to unfold in a safe and loving container. I also welcome those seeking relaxation and expansion of pleasure potential. I can help guide you to empower your yes and your no and how to move your own energetic body. I bring my full presence and loving heart to every session and help to connect you to parts of yourself that have not yet been accessed.

I’m classically trained in Neo Tantric Massage & Bodywork, Emotional Re-lease Techniques, & Intuitive Energy Work, Shamanic Breathe Work, Reiki Master, Sound Healing, Chakra Clearing & Balancing, Grounding Practices, Aromatherapy, BodyTalk, and numerous other healing modalities.

You will learn practices that you can bring home to enhance your current & future relationships and to lead a more pleasurable and empowered life.

Sessions are based on your unique intention. I welcome you to open up to me about what you would most like to manifest in your life and also about anything that may be holding you back. Powerful transformation is truly possible!

Love Offerings

60 - 300

90 - 400

120 - 600

* Sessions for Couples - Learn how to better communicate, deepen your connection, and expand your pleasure with hands-on guidance and Tantric Massage on both partners. The ultimate sensory Valentine’s Day Indulgence for Couples. * Special Valentine’s Day Sessions Available Feb 14 - the following weekend *

* Conscious Kink & Tantra Meets BDSM - Explore kink, power dynamics, & sensation in a safe container free from guilt & shame. This requires a conversation in advance to ensure that I can offer the experience you are seeking. Learn how to share your sexxxy dreams & how to ask for what you most seek in an empowered way.

* Remote Video & Phone Coaching Sessions - We can connect wherever you are in the world. Pricing available upon request. Sessions scheduled in advance.

* Double Goddess Session - Be honored by Two Tantric Goddesses Simultaneously with a 4-Handed Tantric Massage. The ultimate experiential transformational indulgence!

TBD Upcoming Tanrika Aurora Tour Dates: San Diego, DC, & Miami

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The Look

Tantrika Aurora is a 5'10", all natural, 33 year old caucasian woman with long brunette hair and blue eyes.

She is available for Men, Women, and Couples.


My passions include Traveling, Tantra, Eye Gazing, Forming Conscious Touch, Meaningful Heart Connections, , Energy Work, Learning New Healing Modalities, Alternative Healthcare, Hiking, Yoga, Qi Gong, Ecstatic Dancing, Meditation, Crystals, Jewelry Design, Fashion Styling, Plant-Based Super Foods, Permaculture, Quantum Physics, Metaphysics, Nature, Art, Floating in Salt Tanks, Swimming in Natural Bodies of Water, Self-Care, Transformation, Holding Space, etc…


I expect respectful interactions that value my time & expertise.

ATTENTION: IN ORDER TO RECEIVE A RESPONSE, YOU MUST SUBMIT THE FOLLOWING INFORMATION VIA TEXT. Thanks in advance! Incall ONLY in the Financial District. Advance Booking is Much Appreciated.

To schedule a session and learn more delightful details…

Please send a TEXT to 1-978-647-7790 with …

1. Your Name

2. A little about Yourself Including Your Age, Occupation, City, etc…

3. Your Intention for the Session / Type of Session

4. Interest/Experience with Tantra

5. Date and Time you would like to Book

6. Mention Slixa so that I know where you found me

**90 Min+ Session Recommended for the 1st Session as Tantra takes time to get to the depth of a beautiful connection.***

A brief phone intake is offered prior to your first session to make sure that we are in alignment and to discuss session details.

Coaching & Tantric Massage Only. No other services offered or implied.

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