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Hi Lovers of The Great Bay!

It’s been nice to be back again! As some of you know, I am a pleasure-muse and passion-nymph of deep longings and talents of pleasing yours.

My origins in sensuality and massage are both part tantric and fantasy/kink - as is my nature, heart and being.

You see, for a girl like me, to meet up with men like you has been an apparent calling in which I have a perfect knack. A little kinky, I may be. But I’ve learned that isn’t bad, and surely not for you.

Leading our way, my sessions may tend to get provactive, which is why I offer both a steamy, sensual classic massage and a rather racy deluxe massage as well. Regardless, I alway aspire and enjoy giving tasty, treatful teasing to one that comes to be pleased or for pleasing.

Though I wouldn’t consider myself a dominatrix, I do offer some strap and bdsm fantasy sessions to select few. I will only be meeting with those of strong compatiblity. I tend to be more nurturing and less stadistic, though I’m good for teasing, and I would’nt put it past myself to give a wished for, salacious slapping. Upon initially contacting me for a fantasy session; Lable an email to me with the term “Fantasy”, and share with me what you feel pertaining to our session. Secondly, please have your screening information ready (specific information needed is stated in my section of expectations, below) so that we may prevail in setting a time for us to make fantasies reality

-And I do, and always have had a preference to meet with older gents, so don’t hesitate if this is you. Some respectful young gents are welcomed as well.

Thank You for the compliment of your interest. I hope you enjoy the photos and the little diddy that I wrote. Love to the San Francisco Bay Area!

Sincerely and Passionate,


P.S. Please note that I am available at a private loveloft in Oakland, ca on Fridays by advance bookings only.


Though I love to be a social butterfly at times, I also do my most intimate work one-on-one. I enjoy doing yoga, listening to different music,reading and writing. I love to write songs or poetry when I feel the urge. Learning new things can be amazing, and I find an array of topics and activities interesting. At times, I have a sense of humour, in which I can now say sarcasstically that I enjoy taking long walks on the beach, but actually, I’d rather jump in the ocean water in all truth.


*I value descretion, commonsense and openess. You too!

*I recommend advance bookings, if you can.

*Please be prepared upon contacting me with your screening information; verifiable employment information or a reference from 1-2 providers.

Session Styles:

Classic (steamy, hot) 60m 220

90m 300

Deluxe (above and beyond) 60m 260

90m 360

Fantasy (bdsm, fet) 60m 300

90m 450

120m 600


San Francisco Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.

Oakland Fridays. Advance bookings only!

*My sessions are experienced in my private sexystudio in San Francisco, or a private loveloft in Oakland. I can be available to travel to you, however I do this sparingly and prefer that we first meet for a session at one of my naughty love sanctuaries. However, I have enjoyed meeting subbies at appropriate hotels. So, don’t hold back, or I could miss a thrill (as, I’ve met a lot of traveling men this way).