Salome Bishop

+Scarlet Oracle of Sensuality and Submission

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Like clouds in rain, like seas
Exultant as they roll,
We mix in ecstasies,
And, as breeze melts in breeze,
Thy soul becomes my soul.

I’m a 23 year old mystical healer, fairly new to NYC and aiming to sustain my newly acquired clientele in this part of the country. I fancy myself a modern day Renaissance woman, connoisseur of fine culture, and servant of my devouring passions. In the day, I mainly perfect my skills at modern dance and ballet, violin, piano, and voice; at night, I am an inspiring muse for many poets, musicians, and artists, as well as an enchanting companion.

I am an avid explorer, with a bent toward discovering what is exotic, sublime, true, unknown, spectacular, and novel. I enjoy travelling across the world as often as possible although that occupation is somewhat recent and new to me, watching creative and passionate performances, trying various fine cuisines, and getting to know a variety of people and very seriously discussing intellectual topics.

Contact me soon as I’m eager to provide you with a unique form of intimacy that shall have the power to intrigue you, transform you, and leave you with memorable souvenirs.


- sensual play (handcuffs and candle wax)

- classical fugues and impromptus

- mystical rebirth and the sublime

- fantasy roleplay, embodying imagination

- modern metered confessional poetry

- exotic cuisine, intellectual conversation and laughter

- the radical, the exquisite, the bizarre, the spectacular

- pilates and ballet


Available most days after 2pm and evenings. Please message me with at least one provider reference.

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