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Nicole Lynn

+Bodacious, Blonde & Beautiful

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Pretty Blondie Blue

Hey, I’m Nicole. I’m a blonde with beautiful blue eyes and a loving personality to match. I can make you laugh and I hold great conversations.

You having a rough day? Longing for some tlc? I will insure you will enjoy every moment with me. I offer a comfort zone where you can be yourself and everything that you express is valued. Let’s introduce ourselves to each other and have a good time.

Twitter: @NicoleLynn239

Snapchat: nicole_lynn239

Instagram: nicolelynn239

The Look

Nicole Lynn is a 5'3", bbw, 23 year old caucasian woman with long blonde hair and blue eyes.

She is available for Male only.


I love a respectable, well groomed man. I love talking to a man who is confident with charming charisma. Converaation is everything to me. I love nice dinner dates. I like to take flights and traveling the world. I love shopping…I’m definitely a shopaholic. I like romantic comedies and moments of unstoppable laughter. Tell me what made you who you are today…let’s have conversations about successful accomplishments.


When scheduling an appointment or a date I do not like my time wasted.

I like a man who opens doors for me. A great listener is always something I’ve appreciated. Conversation is important…communication is everything.

Respect towards a lady is something I expect and will always appreciate. A man that takes off my jacket when being seated and opens doors for me touches my heart dearly.

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