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+Your upscale straight male escort based in Beverly Hills / Las Vegas / NYC!

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Your upscale straight male escort based in Beverly Hills / Las Vegas / New York City!


My name is Aleksander Boudin and I was born in 1986 (Paris, France) by French/Slovenian parents though, at an early age, my family decided to move back to Slovenia (it certainly was not my decision). I hold multiple passports, including EU and USA with multiple residencies worldwide and have visited over 85 countries by now, so we can say this with certainty: I am truly an international person.

I find traveling to be an amazing way to broaden my horizons in all aspects; experiencing different cultures, learning about a variety of religions, trying out different dishes (I am a big foodie!), being exposed to different ways of thinking and last but certainly not least: appreciating of what I have.

It is difficult to explain where home is (usually where the heart is) but to me, it is about the people I love and care for that makes a place called “home” and not the destination itself. Just like with traveling, it is never about the place but the people you go with throughout that journey that counts. Still, if we have to name a few cities, the following places served as my home throughout my life (in alphabetical order): Beverly Hills (USA), Las Vegas (USA), Ljubljana (Slovenia), Manchester (UK), Manila (Philippines), New York (USA), Panama City (Panama), Paris (France), San Francisco (USA), Singapore (Singapore), Toronto (Canada). I tend to return to those cities more often than not, although it is completely subject to my schedule at any given point in time.

I am the kind of person who is at first shy but the more I get to know someone the more comfortable I get (in a good way) and can indulge in my silly nature. Making someone laugh and see happy is my ultimate goal, whether we are talking about my professional life or my personal life. I am a very polite person, many of you may refer to this as “the old-school chivalry” type, who brings flowers, opens doors, assists you to get seated and most importantly: LISTENS! In my opinion one of the easiest, yet most overlooked qualities in men is that they don’t listen and/or pay attention to women. The smallest things and gestures can go so long and that is one of the most valuable things I have learned in life about women.

I am lucky to say that I was blessed with high intelligence and my exposure to diversity, and vast life experience allows me to successfully connect with people from all financial, educational and ethnic backgrounds.

What can you expect by meeting me? I guarantee that you will have my undivided attention, care, passion, and compassion a man can share with a woman. I would like to know what will make this meeting a truly unforgettable experience – remember that we are all different and everybody wants something else from a meeting like this – and what exactly that you would like to achieve at the end that will create fond memories (perhaps for a lifetime). From a light encounter to the deepest, I will remain at your disposal!

FEMALE PROVIDERS: I am available for duos and looking for working partners in various cities worldwide. Please contact me if you are interested.


The Look

Aleksander Boudin is a tall, athletic, 33 year old caucasian man with short brunette hair and hazel eyes.

He is available for Female, and Couples.


Available 24/7/365, but at least 72 hours advance notice is required for new clients.

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