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Chemistry is me touching your mind and setting everything else on fire.

I am an experienced pleasure guide and genuine sensualist. My passion for deep connection comes from my longtime practice of tantra, kink & BDSM. I take my refined intuition for a lovely indulgence into deep revery with every encounter. For me, our time together is a sweet luxury, an escape that is stress-relieving and healing.

The Look

Lena Czura is a 5'6", all natural, 26 year old caucasian woman with medium length auburn hair and hazel eyes.

She is available for Men, Women, Couples, and TV/TS.


I appreciate a well-mannered and well-groomed confidant. A discerning prospect, with a spark, who is looking for an exquisite escape. Someone who is a curious & intelligent communicator, who knows what they want.

Listen, I’ll be real with you. I’m sweet with a smile that melts gold. I laugh a lot, mostly at myself for the quirky things I do. I’m also a straight talker. I have traveled a lot, lived in other countries, speak other languages. I am an explorer by nature - whether it’s a delicious new restaurant, a spring forest, a foreign city or a candlelit room. I’ve gotten into the “it” places, with the “it” people by being intelligent, curious, beautiful and disarming. Here is what I’ve learned: flashiness and accolades don’t fulfill me. Deep connection does. I am a creature of tenderness. My flirtatious nature is only rivaled by my warm heart. I live a fulfilling life that deserves to be shared over more than just a drink… but a drink does sound like a good place to start…

So shall we?

To set up a date, please fill out the Let’s Connect form on www.lenaczura.com. I would love to know a bit about you, what likings you have.



I will always greet you warmly, with genuine enthusiasm for conversation. My engagement with you via email and/or phone prior to our meeting will always be cordial, kind & direct. I will always be impeccably clean and well-groomed for our encounter. I expect the same from you on all accounts.

COMMUNICATION OF WISHES & BOUNDARIES Knowing what you wish for is sexy. Saying what you wish for even sexier. Most importantly, it’s safer and more enjoyable for both of us. That’s especially why pleasure exploration is so exquisite and exactly what I hope to unfold with you. I promise to communicate the same.

DISCRETION I will always use discretion with all potential endeavors. I expect you to do the same.

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